Friday, February 09, 2007

Friday = Fun

What would I write about if I didn't have Donna's Friday Feast?

Appetizer (Pupu platter)- Have you been sick yet this winter? If so, what did you come down with?
Winter? Is it winter where you are? This tropical climate agrees with me, and I have not been sick. Maybe just a little homesick.

Soup - What colors dominate your closet?
Nathan's side is all greens and browns, My side is white and pink and black.

Salad - How would you describe your personal "comfort zone"?
I am uncomfortable with people talking too close to me. I am also NOT a hugger. Once, I thought I was being a bad Primary President, so for Mother's Day I made myself hug all the girl teachers in our ward when I gave them a little gift. It felt a little weird and I didn't do it the next year. Is that sad? Are you a hugger? People hug and even cheek-kiss a little more here and I think it's kind of sweet. I had a bit of a hug breakthrough last weekend when we picked up Nathan's friend at the airport. I gave him a hug after I put a lei around his neck. I was considering kissing his cheek but I chickened out - he was a stranger after all.

Main Course - On which reality show would you really like to be a contestant?
I love those PBS Colonial House shows - does that count as reality TV? Actually, I like the idea of those shows, but I don't usually like how they are editied to show all the drama. I want to see more of the little daily tasks - making butter, curing meat, lacing shoes, etc. Maybe they will have a Tiki Hut show here!

Dessert - Do you take vitamins?
I have a nice bottle of Women's One a Day with Calcium. I keep moving it around the kitchen to inspire me to take it. And I did take one on Tuesday. Or was it Monday.....

All this food makes me wonder what you are planning to eat this weekend.

Tonight is a Girls-Night-Out potluck with our ward. I am planning to take cinnamon rolls. I will fix tacos for Nathan and the kids and leave them a pan of cinnamon rolls, too.

Saturday is Soup Day, and I think I am going to fix a pot of Mom's bean soup. But I may change my mind and fix chicken noodle soup. Hard to decide. I like soup on Saturday because we get home from the beach all tired and hungry and soup is easy to pull out of the crockpot and serve with some good bread from the store. Since I am making bread this afternoon, I may double the recipe and put some of the dough in the refridgerator to save for Saturday to go with the soup.

On Sunday I am planning to make ribs in the crockpot and twice baked potatoes. And maybe some jello and devilled eggs and a salad. Mmm.

What's on your menu?


Deanne said...

Hmmmm.....that reminds me, I need to take my Women's One a Day too! For me, to remember the last time I took one would be more like.....'was it last month or the month before?'! :)

Deanne said...

totally unrelated question to your post....I notice that you took off the word verification from your comment section. I did that last night (got tired of it!) but then I got a weird comment on my blog and Ryan said it was an advertisement, so I put the verification back on (and deleted the comment). So....have you had any weird comments or ads since taking off the verification thingy??

wendy said...

I don't really like the word verification thing because sometimes I have to try several times to get through. So I took it off.

I have gotten a couple of odd comments in old posts since I got rid of it. I just deleted them.

But I put the word verification up initially when I got like 35 comments on one post from some strange advertising thing - so if that happens again I will do the word verification thing again.

Suzanne said...

I love having crock pot meals. We have church from 1-4 now so it's nice to come home to a meal already cooked on Sundays!

I like the PBS reality shows too and yes, I think that counts!

Your dinner sounds so yummy! :D

A Payne said...

Mama likey.

We are having left-over pizza, leftover Shepards Pie, and a Sunday Roast this weekend.

I would love to be on What Not Wear and have $5000 to shop in NYC! I would let Nick Arojo do anything he wanted to my hair, afterall on any other day, I could not afford him.

No Cool Story said...

Comfort Zone: I don’t like people penetrating my "personal bubble" I hate that, and I used to be a non-hugger, now sometimes I'll hug people (and I won’t look too awkward doing so), but I do better if I initiate instead of them starting.
When I come to visit you I'll let you put a lei around my neck and then we can stare at each other, thus protecting our personal bubbles.

I love PBS Colonial House. I wouldn't want to be in that show though, looks too difficult.
I'd would love (just like A Payne) to be on "What not to Wear", make fun of my clothes, have Nick do my would be so lovely.

Thoroughly Mormon Millie said...

I love this meme, and Donna's blog. I'm gonna link to her and put her in my Bloglines. How fun!

I send my husband to the store. He buys food. He brings it home, and I make whatever he brings home. That's my menu. ;)

erinmcbride said...

hey i think the not liking hug thing runs in the family cuase i am not a huge hugger my self! I always have to really think about it before i hug someone..its not a natural process for me! Love you!

Anonymous said...

I guess that explains why you never hugged me! I always thought it was because of your husband. We are all sick in our snowy South dakota home. We miss you guys, we are saving our pennies to come out and see you sometime. Take care, Jon and Clan.

Anonymous said...

That explains why you never hugged me goodbye! I thought it was because you happen to be married to that hunk Nathan...We are saving our pennies to come out and visit you guys soon. hope all is well. Jon and Clan.

Amanda said...

I hope I didn't make you feel uncomfortable when I hugged you before you moved. I am not a hugger either and I really hate goodbyes and the whole awkward feeling, and what do you say?!?

We are also sick in snowy South Dakota. At least we are finally getting snow. Hurray!

Elizabeth-W said...

Hey Wendy! Have you been lurking over at Carrot Jello's spot? She needs posters from all 50 states. I know you have a friend in Oregon, and she could use that one.
If Carrot gets a poster from all 50 states she wins a bet with her husband. IT would make a pregnant lady very happy if you and any of your readers who live in places not yet listed would post over there, even a Hello would do it. She also gets a weekend away with DH taking the kiddos!
PS- I love love love Colonial House!