Thursday, February 08, 2007

No Love

I thought it was odd that the storytime schedule at the library lists February 14th as a Chinese New Year celebration. Hmmm.

Then I realized I hadn't recieved a class list with the "everyone gives a valentine to everyone" note. Strange. Maybe I missed it in the Wednesday folder.

I asked one mom, who didn't know.

So I asked Ms. Y, and there are no Valentine parties at our school. Yes for Chinese New Year. Yes for the 100th Day of School. But no Love.

What? Is this legal? Is this even American, I ask you?

I was hoping to make this project with Emily for her class. Bummer.


Now that I threw my tantrum I am feeling a little better about this idea. A small day focused on loving the people closest to you - not just a day of Sponge Bob cards from someone named Eli. I am going to have to re-think our day and come up with a Lovely plan.

Maybe heart shaped pancakes. Maybe a silly lolipop mustache made by me as a suprise. Maybe fondue. And sparkling cider in tall fancy glasses. And maybe even mom's fancy heart shaped German Chocolate Cake.

How do you celebrate Valentimes* Day at your house?

*Emily thinks it's valen-times, not valentines'.


Deanne said...

I was thinking of doing the lolipop project too....but I'm doing something else (I did print out the page though so I can do it another time). I plan to do a post, maybe today, about the V-day project. Thanks for putting the Family Fun link on your page!! I get the magazine but the web site seems to have more ideas than the magazine. Weird.

Sorry to hear that the island doesn't seem to celebrate Valentines Day! But the up side is the Nathan can buy you flowers with out paying inflated prices! :)

Amanda said...

That is just not right. How can you not celebrate Valentimes Day? Sounds like it won't stop you from having a good day with your family. Those mustaches are cute!

Elizabeth-W said...

Our 100th Day thing is tomorrow at our school.
I think Chinese New Year is a fun idea! My daughter's teacher is Chinese, and guess what! Her name starts with a Y, too! Freakkky! :)
So the children have been doing a unit on China. I may suggest to her that we do something for Chinese new year. I wonder if children who are Jehovah's Witness would be able to participate in some sort of foreign celebration rather than Valentine's Day? Maybe it's all the same?
I don't know that we really have any traditions, but you've got me thinking about starting some. Our anniversary is February 13th, so it's just a big love fest over here :)

txmommy said...

okay, I just left you a big comment and it disappered. Most annoying.

I love Valentines day, although a little less than a minute ago when I typed this the first time.
Some years I'll do a count down for DH to the big day. He got baptized and proposed to me on Feb 13 so it's extra fun for us! I leave small gifts, treats, notes, coupons ect for him to find on the days leading up to the big day.

This year I am taking TP rolls and decorating them with construcion paper and stickers and whatever else is lovely. THen I have a small gift for each person which I will wrap in tissue and string through the roll. Each end gets tied off with curly ribbon and then I'll hang it on the chairs at our breakfast table. I'll make a nice breakfast and give everyone and loveing V day start to their day.

good luck coming up with something wonderful!

Mary said...

Txmommy, what fun ideas!

I like Valentine's day and think it is fun, but don't get into the whole, "I must be given big gifts in order to feel loved" mentality.

Wendy, your family can still make mailboxes to give each other valentines. The mailboxes were my favorite part of the celebration at school. We did a fondue dinner last year for it and think we'll do it again this year. Lindsey loves to dip stuff, so it will be fun! WE have a heart-shaped waffle maker we got for our wedding that I'll make breakfast with, and then we'll probably do some kind of fun dessert. I've been working on getting Lindsey to scribble on some valentines for her cousins, but we'll see if we can get thsoe in the mail soon enough (tomorrow!). Heather always has good valentine's food ideas.

It seems like Mom always did something fun for us each year. Remember one year that mom made us each a heart out of maybe plastic page protectors and then put some candies and a little gift in each one for us to find when we woke up. That was when we were still in Modesto.

Anyway, have fun!

No Cool Story said...

Those Jolly Lollies are cute. Sorry about No Valen-times at school day, good things is you can still do other fun things at your home.
Everybody needs a little Sponge Bob here and there right?

In Mexico Valentine's is only celebrated by people in relationships or friends, parents never give things to their kids or vice versa.

orchard_girl said...

So can you send heart shaped things in their lunches or is that forbidden? Does the school do Christmas or Halloween?

Our school doesn't celebrate Halloween. So two weeks later we have bookweek. The kids are supposed to dress up as a book character. It is a pain, two weeks after Halloween I'm not into dressing up again.

Suzanne said...

I make heart shaped cinnamon rolls for my hubby. I don't like to bake very often, but he loves them so much. I figured I can commit at least once a year to do it.

We also don't ever eat out on Valentine's because the crowds are so big. Usually we just grab a pizza or grill some steaks at home.

I love the mustache/lips idea for the kiddie treats. I may have to steal that idea! :)

PJ said...

Wow no V day. Our last elementary could only give candy to the kids 10 days of the school year. Snacks sent to school had to be healthy.
My two youngest are hosting a V-party so they get to have some fun too. It's great because they don't just have to mooch off big sisters fun stuff from school, they get their own.