Friday, February 02, 2007


This time last year I was shivering in South Dakota while Nathan was learning how to scuba dive in Guam. Nathan was "deployed" to Guam for 4 months with the Air Force. I have a feeling my Army neighbors whose husbands deploy to Iraq for at least a year would not be impressed. But it was still 4 long months solo.

While Nathan was there he made some good friends in the Mormon Branch (small congregation.) There were a couple families in particular who took good care of Nathan - feeding him, inviting him over for Family Night, and going diving with him, etc.

One of those good friends is coming to visit us tomorrow! We have a scuba dive planned, a nice place in mind for dinner, and we also hope to fit in a trip to the Temple. We are really excited to have him come, but it's also making me a little bit nervous. This guy is an FBI agent. (I wonder if posting this on my blog is a security threat, if you know, let me know, and I will delete this whole thing.)Yikes! Do you think he will show up in a black suit and dark sunglasses? Will he bug the phone?

And more importantly, will the kids remember to (please) flush the toilets? And (this is the real reason I am writing this blog entry:) is it okay to have him sleep in a regular twin size bed, or should I run out quick and buy a new full size? I realize that when my parents or Nathan's parents have come to visit, asking them to sleep on a pull-out twin-sized trundle-bed didn't bother me one bit. But it just feels silly for Mr. FBI guy. (Do you think he sleeps with his badge on? Do they have badges?) He won't have to share a room or climb up on the top bunk (there's not even a bunkbed in that room) and I plan to wash the sheets and move the life size baby doll off the bed, but I still think a bigger bed seems like a good idea.

What would you do? Do you already have a guest bedroom? Do you arrange flowers on the bedside stand and put chocolates on the pillow when guests come stay with you? Do you think I will embarrass myself by forgetting his name or asking him too many FBI questions?

Hey, as a bonus, if we have a full size bed in Sydney's room then YOU can use it when you come visit!


A Payne said...

I don't know why it makes a difference, but if he is a single guy the twin bed is okay. Bachelors will sleep anywhere, they don't even need sheets. But, if he is a married man or has been married, better pop for the bigger bed.
Speaking from personal experience,don't ask him any direct questions about his job, let him tell you what he wants to tell you. That's for your safety and his.
BTW, when I come to visit, I like to have chocolates placed on my pillow:)

Deanne said...

I don't have a guest room in our current abode, and most likely won't in the next either. I don't even have a spare bed! But, I do have a queen size double-high air bed I got at Target for fifty bucks! It's great for have guests stay over. The bed is comfortable and big, and is easily stored away. I'm with A Payne though, I think your twin is fine for your guest (he is coming alone, right?). I would think you should feel fine offering him what you already have. Men don't pay too much attention anyway. Good food, clean towels...really, what more could he ask for? : )

Mary said...

Wendy, we usually put people on an air mattress in the basement or the living room when they come visit us - and the only people who visit us regularly are Randy's parents who are a bit older, so air mattresses seem especially cruel (love you G and M!) We used to offer them our bed, but then we had kids and I am way too desperate for sleep now.

Anyway, FBI or not, he'll be a nice, friendly, probably normal guy. We know lots of govies (wink) and it's just a job. Did you freak out about hanging with my Randy when he was with the agency not to be named? I guess his job wasn't so cool because "agent" wasn't part of his title. In fact, he had no title... that sounds mysterious eh?

So, back to the post. A clean, comfortable bed will suffice. A twin is better than an air mattress. A full is wonderful, but not a needed expense, especially if he's not staying long. But, if you plan to have lots of visitors (which you may), then it's not a bad idea for future use. Really, once again, I am no help at all!

Have fun sista!

Mary said...

p.s. Right before Lindsey was born, we had Jason renting our basement and our friend Danny was staying with us for a few weeks while waiting for his house purchase to go through. It was supposed to be done before Lindsey was born, but she came weeks early, so he was still staying with us (I know 2 extra men and no women here to help out! sheesh). He didn't' want to be in the way, so he actually moved his air mattress into the laundry room, where he stayed for another couple of weeks!! Talk about accommodating hosts!

txmommy said...

first, I too would like a chocolate on my pillow.

Second I am sure he will be thrilled with any place to sleep at the lovely house of tiki hut!

hope your weekend is going well!

Elizabeth-W said...

I say the twin is fine. I actually like sleeping on an air mattress. I can make it super-firm. If you have a super-soft twin, maybe he'd like the air mattress better, and they're tons cheaper than a new bed! He's coming to see you guys. If he wasn't, he'd stay at the Hilton, unless he's super-cheap, I suppose :) Have a fun trip!

Elizabeth-W said...

I meant, I hope he has a fun trip, and you enjoy the visit. Oops.

wendy said...

Aahhh, You guys are so nice. I did not buy a new bed, but I almost bought a rug for the living room. I figure that he is going to be so exhausted from his flight and the diving and everything that he'll crash anywhere. I may start watching for mattress sales in the future so that we might be able to attract more visitors to our Tiki Hut.

Thoroughly Mormon Millie said...

We have an FBI agent in our ward - he's in our bishopric, in fact - and you couldn't meet a nicer man. You'd never know he was with the FBI and must arrest people for a living (as does my hubby, who isn't a very obvious probation officer, either).

So my advice would be, don't sweat it. :)

Amanda said...

I too would like chocolates on my pillow.

We also use an air mattress for our guests. We don't have a spare bedroom, so our family room becomes the guest room. My Dad came to visit once and after one night of sleeping on our old air mattress he went and bought us one of those more expensive double high air matresses. It is much more comfortable.

How exciting to have an FBI agent come and visit. I am just happy to say I know some really cool guys that fly airplanes and blow up things.

texasblu said...

Everyone's comments were too funny.

Hope u enjoy your guest. :)

Suzanne said...

I'm glad your visit went well! We only have an air mattress, like many other posters, but we also only have family come once in awhile. I don't think we've ever had friends come to visit. How fun!

Maybe if you get a full bed then I'll have to tell my hubby that I have to go to Hawaii so Wendy's guest bed gets some use! ;)