Monday, February 12, 2007


\\ (a little hello from John)

How does your morning look?

Here's mine:
4:30am- Emily runs into our bed "I don't like my dreams"

6:00 - Hup two three four - Army guys working out in the field behind our house

6:15 - Beep Beep Beep - Hannah's alarm, followed by a SLAM

6:30 - Beep Beep Beep - Hannah's alarm again, followed by the longest-hottest-shower ever

6:45 - "Hey Nathan, what time is it? (I can't see the clock) Dang." Followed by me stumbling
into the bathroom where I wash my face, put on my contacts, pull my hair in a pony tail, and go back to my room to get dressed in running shorts and a t-shirt.

7am - Hannah's eating cereal and I'm fixing 4 lunches: whole turkey sandwich with cheese and mustard for Hannah, half-sies, plain, for everyone else. Apple. Pretzles. Chocolate chip cookies (2), and a juice box.

7:05 "Emily, John, Sydney - time to get going!"

7:10 "Come have some breakfast guys"
Nathan takes Hannah to school on his way to PT

7:15 "Hey, get down here or you are going to be late for school, and I mean it"
Emily, John and Sydney finish up breakfast and go do their morning jobs: Make beds, get dressed, brush teeth, brush hair; while I empty the dishwasher, put lunch boxes into backpacks, and have a big drink of water.

7:30 "Time to go!"

7:35 "Yikes, go get on your bikes right now!" and "don't forget to close the garage."
John gets in the jogging stroller, Emily and Sydney put on their helmets and hop on their bikes. Hopefully we haven't forgotten any lunches or backpacks. The girls walk their bikes across the streets with the assistance of our military crossing guards. We dodge the slower walkers by riding up on the grass. "Bumpy ride. aaAaaAaaAaa," says John. "Good Morning, Emily" yells Katherine. She can't hear Emily answer so she says it again, louder, "GOOD MORNING EMILY." and Emily waves as she passes her on the grass. Today Emily has trouble with her helmet and has to stop and adjust it - it just doesn't work as well when your hair is up in two piggy-tails.

7:43 We park the bikes in the bike rack, and John hops out of the stroller. As we walk to Emily's class room, John stops to hop at all the hopscotch squares.

7:45 first bell rings, Sydney gives me a kiss on the cheek, then she scoots off to her class. Emily hangs up her backpack, pulls out her lunchbox and homework folder and says good morning to Ms. Y.

7:50 John and I hop our way back to the bike rack, and John climbs back into the stroller.

8am I jog with John in the stroller over to the 1/2 mile track. It is about a mile and a half from home, so today I run a mile on the track, then run back home for a total of about 4 miles. John looks at a book about dolphins, and makes me jump up to catch a leaf for him to hold while he rides. He is also on the lookout for STOP signs on the road home.

9am We walk a little to cool down, then park the stroller on the lanai (patio). Nathan is home from his workout, too.

9:15 John and Nathan eat egg sandwiches and I ask Nathan if he wants leftover ribs or sandwiches for lunch. He takes 2 turkey sandwiches (with mustard, mayo, cheese, and pickles) chocolate chip cookies, chips, an apple, and Gatorade.

9:30 The question of the day is: Any hot water left for my shower?

10 am I make my bed, throw in a load of laundry, fold a batch of clothes. Then I head upstairs to look for laundry and gather garbages. I also like to quick wipe down the bathrooms with windex wipes. John has his turn on the computer, or opens his lunchbox and has a snack. Did I have breakfast? Whoops. I fix an eggbeater omlet with mushrooms and slice an orange. Yum. 2 points.

10:30 My turn on the computer! Blog. Read blogs. Check the news.

11am - Still online - slacker

11:30 head to the commisary for some bread and milk and juice boxes.....


No Cool Story said...

I'm just glad you are wearing your helmets so you don't get in trouble at the stroller parade.
Ooh you jog in the morning? cool!, I haven't exercise this week yet, maybe if I lived close to you I would.
You only bogged for 1 hour? that's not slacking dear, not at all.

txmommy said...

I wish I liked to jog, maybe I'll learn how. Maybe it would be more pleasant if I was jogging in Hawaii??
HHHmmm, maybe that's my problem I live in the wrong state :)

Amanda said...

Yeah, I'm sure I would jog too if I lived in Hawaii. :)

Phew!! You are a busy lady! That was fun. I'll have to try and blog my schedule someday. Maybe about a Tuesday afternoon. That is our mad dash day.

Mary said...

Whew, you are wearing me out. My day pales in comparison and yet I'm still exhausted by the end of it! How was your afternoon?

I'm envious of your Hawaiian weather to jog in! The cold winter is the best excuse for me to not jog, you know, out of concern for the kids being too cold in the stroller...not my laziness at all...

nikko said...

Sounds like a busy day. I, too, am envious of your Hawaiian scenery/weather to exercise in.


muse said...

Sounds great. YOu sure get a lot done.