Monday, February 26, 2007

Happy Birthday Sarah!

My sister Sarah is the big Two Seven today! Anna wrote up some cute things about Sarah over at her place, and I thought I would share some of my Sarah memories, too!

Sarah is two sisters down from me - #5 of 7 girls. She's my little sister, but she is a bit taller than me. Darn!

Sarah's hair was always darker than the rest of ours, though the rest of us have darkened up over the years. And her hair is nice and smooth - no frizzies. I was always jealous of her beautiful hair. She has worn it super short and long, and in between and it is always perfect. Not long ago she wore it short with the spiky bits at the neck, and now her hair is down almost to her waist!

Do you remember that show, Who's the Boss? When they would go to commercials, the TV would say "Who's the Boss" and Sarah would yell in answer: "I am!"

Sarah loved to sing when she was little. I remember her belting out Tomorrow! Tomorrow! I Love You, Tomorrow! while jumping on the mini trampoline. Her little Iris sings, too. I don't know, but I imagine Sarah singing to Iris as they play.

Sarah is good at making friends. She has held on to many of her High School friends - not just Christmas card friends, but real friends who still get together. And at her wedding this summer I was in awe of how many people love her in her home in Washington! (I may need to call her for some friend making tips)

Once, Sarah almost cut off her toes with the lawn mower.

Sarah lived with us for the summer after she graduated from high school. It was so fun to have here around. She was so brave and went out and got a couple of little jobs, quick. I wish I had shown her a better time. I think I had a bit of post pardum depression going on when she was there. Sorry!

Sarah loves shoes. She has more shoes than anyone I know. I even have a pair of Sarah's shoes - some really cute black boots (I probably won't wear them very often here, want me to send 'em back?.)

Last Spring I got to hang out with Sarah and Charlie and Iris for a week at Mom and Dad's house. We left Charlie with all the kids so we could go shopping! It was sooooo fun! Sorry Charlie! It was fun to spend time with her as moms. She is so cute with her daughter!

Sarah has spent a lot of time down in Baja California and I think she knows how to surf. Sarah, we have 2 boards now - you should come teach me how!

Sarah's dream car is a VW van.

Once when I was babysitting, Sarah wanted a little snack, so she started prowling around the kitchen cupboards and found Mom's cinnamon oils for flavoring suckers. Mom made cool heart shaped suckers made from molten hot candy at valentine's day for our friends - what a cool mom! Anyway, the little bottle of oil smelled really good, so Sarah decided to have a taste. Blehch! puwah! spletch! It burned her mouth and she tried all kinds of crazy things to make her tongue feel better, like licking milk up off the counter and sucking on bread. I was a GREAT babysitter! I can so imagine my kids doing something like that now. (Don't get any ideas, girlies! - I know you read this Hannah!)

Sarah has a fun energy about her. She loves adventure and excitement! I want to be just like her!

I love you Sarah!

Happy Birthday!


Mary said...

Hey, thanks for mentioning Anna's post and not mine :) Just kidding, I'm cool!

I love that list! So cute! Don't you love that flower in Sarah's hair in the picture with her and Iris? She's a cutie.

wendy said...

Sorry, Mary, I didn't see yours! Sarah and Iris are cute!

No Cool Story said...

Happy Birthday Sarah!
Aww, how cool to have so many sisters :)
I love this post, so many sweet memories, even the one about the great Big sister babysitting.
You girls are so blessed.

orchard_girl said...

Sarah Happy Birthday! I love you. So glad I wasn't the one babysitting that day!

txmommy said...

Happy Birthday Sarah!

carronin said...

Having sisters is awesome. I feel sad sometimes that my daughter doesn't have a sister. She make make for it by having lots of friends. Happy Birthday Sara!

Suzanne said...

What a great post! It's fun to see sisters honor each other.

Happy Birthday, Sarah! :D