Thursday, November 06, 2008

Weight-Gainer 2000

When we were first married, we lived close to Nathan's family. Nathan's brother, Terry, and family lived in our same ward, and we spent a lot of time hanging out at their house. I've written before about Nathan's brother and his teeny-tiny Army shorts.

I was kind of shy at this point in my career. And easily embarrassed. Terry was (and is) really into fitness and body building. He had slightly embarrassing pictures of hot babes and nearly neked dudes with major muscles. He also had a giant sized jar of Weight-Gainer 2000 sitting on top of the refridgerator. Weight Gainer 2000 was (is?) a protein powder for weight-lifters, I think. Awesome.

I'm not telling this story to make fun of Terry. Hi Terry! But since I spent a good portion of my time at their house being embarrassed for one reason or another, this is kind of fun!

No, really, I'm not here to actually talk about Terry. I'm here to discuss that Weight Gainer 2000 stuff.

It's got a catchy name, don't you think. Weight Gainer 2000. Here is the sad tale of my own personal Weight Gainer 2008. Waaa.

Exactly 3 months ago today, Nathan returned home from Iraq. Woohooo!

Today I weigh exactly 10 pounds more than I did 3 months ago.

boooo. hiss.

I have a feeling it has something to do with being content, and cooking real food, and going out to eat, and ice cream Sundaes, and forgetting to run, and homemade chocolate chip cookies, and french fries, and fresh cinnamon rolls...

Mmmmm. Sounds good.

No. Bad. Very Bad. It is time for drastic measures. Food journal. More water. More running. No more brownies.

I'll be checking in here each Thursday to keep me honest let you know how I'm doing.

Any favorite healthy eating tips?


tootie said...

Don't worry too much - I'm sure you still look great!

If I had to offer a tip, it would be to work out first thing in the morning. I always feel like I want to eat better/healthier all day when I've done my exercise. (And it gets your exercise "over" early, so you can enjoy the rest of the day.)

Valorie said...

I think I'm a few pounds heavier than when Joe came home in July too. He has gained 10 of the 40 lbs. back that he lost while he was gone. He is trying really hard to keep things in check. Me on the other hand, I've eaten waaaaay too much Halloween candy. I've been slacking on getting to the gym, so I'm also trying to kick it up a notch.

As for healthy eating tips, sorry! I'm not your gal for that. Sad, but true.

orchard_girl said...

I think someone has been sneaking the weight-gainer 2000 into my food. I almost went to weight watchers last Tuesday, but instead made clam chowder, with 2 cups of whipping cream and spice girl bread sticks. Maybe I should start that food journal. Tonight I think we'll have chicken salad.
Love you Wendy, even with 10lbs you are still skinnier than me.

Mary Peterson said...

Everytime James leaves I lose weight. Whenever he comes back a gain it back. Why?
James has been stuck in Guam for three weeks. I'm pregnant, but have still lost five pounds. I sure haven't eaten less. Why?

PartyofFive said...

If only I could get into running! I think I'd be much skinnier. :) I've been battling the feeling of fatness and have been trying to go to bed WITHOUT eating a treat. Last night, I gave in and had some Halloween candy (my dad started this Hershey's with ALMONDS in the fridge thing and they only make them at Halloween. The little sized kind anyway.) As I finished eating them my husband said to me, "I think I can hear your fat cells singing!" :) Thanks A LOT! I've gained back the 6 pounds I lost for my brothers weddings this summer due to delicious homemade food and treats. Got to find it in me to get out into the NOW COLD WEATHER and go to the gym again. I hate the battle of the buldge!

Tucker and Kira said...

Wendy. No matter what, you'll always be a babe to me! And brownies are really good, you should eat them. But one of my fav "in between" snacks is granola and yogurt, sometimes fruit if I have it. All lowfat of course.
Good luck. I'm working on a few myself.

wendy said...

Tootie - I love to run first thing in the morning, just before the soldiers start PT. But my morning schedule has had to change. It is mostly working to run just after I drop off the kids at school, but it's not my favorite. And I have to wear sunblock...

Valorie and Party of 5 - I am impressed that you go to the gym. I am totally intimidated by the gym. I have never gone to the one here. I would like to maybe take a Yoga class, but it requires me to figure out what to wear to the gym and how to get inside the gym. I'm nost sure if I can do it...

Heather - Mmmm. Clam chowder! Sounds good to me!

Congratulations, Mary P.! How exciting. Sorry James is stuck. That's a bummer! Feel free to eat some ice cream for me (my favorite preggo treat.)

Kira - I noticed on your blog that you work out using videos. Do you have a favorite to recommend for a rather uncoordinated girl like me?

Amanda said...

Bummer! Why is it so hard to lose it and so easy to gain it back? So not fair!

Healthy tips....hmmm....drink lots of water. I also like a snack of dried cranberries and almonds. I got into a habit for awhile of chewing gum whenever I started craving something sweet. Helps to curb it a little.

Mary said...

Heya Wendy! I'm sorry if our visit helped in your weight gainer 2008! I'm pretty sure I am a few pounds heavier from our trip, wah!

When I was being good this spring, trying to take off my Christmas weight, it seemed like the key was staying out of the kitchen and not eating snacks between meals. And a big helping of salad with every dinner - before eating the main course - probably helped too. I should probably start doing that again...

Millie said...

Hey Wendy! :)

I think I might start weighing myself more often than once a decade... and maybe that will help.

I was seriously impressed that you knew your weight now vs. three months ago. I tend to be an ostrich about mine - ignorance is bliss. But now I'm hefty, so the time has come to step on that rotten scale again!

Super Mommy said...

Well, I got 10 + that I need to get off. Over the past 3 weeks I have been getting up an hour earlier to walk on my tread mill. Then do the firms ab work out. As for food. I would not go on a diet. Just make some adjustments in your eating habits. I think most of us know what we need to do. We just don't trust our selves the way we should. I will fallow along!Know your going to do great. Get out there and run run run!

Anonymous said...


I'm with Tucker...You will always be a babe to me! You are HAWWWWT!


Tori :) said...

I'm struggling too. I'm 15 pounds heavier than I was when we moved back to Texas. :(