Saturday, November 01, 2008

10 Tricky Things that made Halloween a real Treat!

#1 - the cutest fireman around

#2 - The cutest fireman around in the easiest Halloween costume in the history of my mom-hood.

Hi Fireman John!

#3 - Fun neighbors to trick or treat with

Don't forget #4 - one coolio dad to take the kids around the neighborhood so I could read hand out candy to ghosts and goblins

#5 - cutie pie flapper girl in the dress that worked just fine.

# 6 - Bollywood

#7 - Henna Tattoos

#8 - more cool neighbors of the tween variety to trick out with!

#9 - one white sheet = costume happiness

#10 - two white sheets and two adorable girls too cool to trick or treat this year.

It was a fun night of dress up here in our little neighborhood. If giving out lots of candy = success, then I think we deserve a gold star. I gave away 4 giant bags and 16 smaller bags of chocolate and skittles.

Has anyone else around here eaten way way way too much Halloween Candy?


Thanks for the idea, Amanda. I think I'll try that no-sugar thing...tomorrow....


Anonymous said...

Wish I could say that my TEEN was to old to trick or treat. But he was out there any way's.

Annie said...

Not that she needed it but I approve of that bollywood costume.

Ann M. said...

great photos :)

ugh, we ate too much candy also. We had three bags of stuff for the neighborhood kids, and by 6:30, we still hadn't gotten a single kid. So the snacking began. I actually felt sick, that's how much I ate. Then 7 o'clock hit and we nearly needed to run to the store and get more. If we hadn't eaten so much ourselves, we wouldn't have run out!

nikko said...

What cute costumes!

Tucker and Kira said...

Ya, I'm trying the no sugar thing for the rest of the year...maybe my life! You guys looked so adorable,I loved all the costumes! Homemade??!!
We miss you guys and are ready to come back and out do your sister!