Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I feel like I'm on a cooking show

Yesterday it was 2 large crockpots full of beef stew, and a pan of apple crisp.

Today I have a pecan pie in the oven, a double batch of rolls raising, sweet potatoes ready to lose their skins, and potatoes waiting for the pot. And it's not quite 7am!


Yesterday was YW in Excellence for our ward. It was a fun night, and my stew turned out great. I'm not really a stew maker, so I got Sister Chang's "recipe". I wasn't sure about all the cans of tomato and the oyster sauce, but it really turned out yummy. Here's what I scribbled on my Sacrament Meeting program:

1 tray of stew meat. not the Costco size tray. Trim.

Brown meat with onion and celery until it gets kind of juicy. Transfer to crockpot. and add:

1 can tomato soup
1 can tomato sauce
1 can stewed tomatoes

I didn't know the sizes of cans so I just guessed. Let that stuff cook for a few hours, then add in:

A handful of Hawaiian salt mix
a dash of pepper
beef bullion, just a cube or two
Oyster sauce. a bit.

then maybe a half hour before serving mix some flour with water and stir it in to thicken. Add salt to taste. But not too much. Enjoy. This filled my crock pot to the brim.

Today there is a Thanksgiving feast at Nathan's work. At 11:30am. I'm glad I'm not roasting the Turkey. I woke up early to get everything going. I hope I can get the rolls done and still get the kids to school in time.

This feast could really put at damper on my no-sugar for 3 weeks thing (one more week to go. Yeah me!) Here's my plan: turkey and all the fixings including cranberry sauce = yes. Pies = no. I hope that works.

What should I wear today?


Mary said...

Stretchy sweat pants. The answer for everything.

Or one of your cute skirts, like the striped one I was coveting while we were there!

nikko said...

Sounds like a fun cooking show! ;o)

I'm making cranberry sauce right now for a t-day feast at my dh's work tomorrow. Why do they get t-day twice? Not fair. LOL.

That stew sounds yummy!

orchard_girl said...

I'd go with the streachy pants. The preschool is having a potluck today. What do you take to a potluck for little kids and their parents? Fishy crackers or pizza cut into bite size pieces?

Have fun, just say no to pie.
Way to go on the stew,not sure if I could use the oyster sauce tho

orchard_girl said...

woo wee can't spell stretchy.

Linda said...

Wendy, you sound like a great cook! I'm going to try the stew recipe.
PS We went to high school together. Your sis gave me your blog link. I love it and look forward to reading it. :o)