Monday, November 03, 2008


Way back, long long ago (last month) when I was avoiding my blog, my sister Mary and her family came alllllll the way across the ocean to visit us in Hawaii.

It was so fun. Mary has posted up a lot of awesome pictures of the grand time we had.

And it was fun.

We swam

and snorkeled

and hiked

and pigged out on shave ice

and hula'd

and paddled

and had an all around wonderful time.

And though swimming with the humuhumunukunukuapua'a was amazing (that's not actually a humu. I think it's a triggerfish. maybe.)

and the sunsets on the beach were beautiful...

...the best part of having them here was just hanging out with my sister.

She is so fun. And funny.

Mary, you crack me up!


Mary said...

Oh man, that is cracking me up enough to make me cry! I totally needed a big laugh tonight! (there might have been 2 pukes after dinner by 1 little Rand resulting in 2 huge messes, sigh.)

I miss you Wendy! We all had the best time with you guys, but you are right, just hanging out with each other was the best part of the whole trip! Please move closer.

p.s. I am so much taller than you.

Mom said...

Oh Mary, sorry about the puking. But Wendy, I loved all the pictures - especially the video. It was so fun to hear your voices and watch you, Mary & Sydney have so much fun together. It makes me homesick for all of you. I am so impressed by the talent you all share!

Mom said...

Who else in our family can do that?

muse said...

What gorgeous pictures! your kids are growing up.

Suzanne said...

How fun that Mary was able to come and visit! I guess it doesn't hurt that you're in an exotic location! ;) Spending time with sisters is the best! And cousin time is fun too. :)

Amanda said...

What fun!!! Loved the video. Your family does have quite the talent! :)

Anonymous said...

looks like tons of fun. I need a trip to the beach.

PartyofFive said...

HEY!!!! NON-Facebooker!!! I found Heather on Facebook and she was kind enough to lead me to your darling blog!!! HOW THE HECK ARE YOU? Seriously, I can remember so many things about our days on Tallent Drive and now we're old enough to have kids making neighborhood memories. I can't believe everything I've read between you and Mary's blogs. You guys are so stinkin' crafty and creative. Email me or something. I'd love to chat!!!! I'd love to hear all about things. How are Wayne and Joyce? I thought this year when I was going through my kids halloween candy how it's funny they will never get a small bag of blue diamond almonds like I always did. Must have had some weird premonition about the McBrides or something.. Anyway, my email is

wendy said...

Hi Stephanie. Do you remember Deanne? She blogs at Fragile Flower - on my side bar... what a small world!

Mom - Sydney, Emily, and John have inherited the awesome nose squeeze talent. Hannah cannot do it. She is VERY sad about that. Nathan thinks he can do it, he feels left out if I say he is doing it wrong, but...