Sunday, December 30, 2007

Extra Super Creepy

My evening entertainment is generally watching a movie. As soon as the kids are in bed I run down stairs and put on a movie.

But tonight I found I'm fresh out of movies. I thought I'd try to catch up on Grey's Anatomy, but, sadly, ABC is not wanting to work for me. Then I remembered that my friend Sarah told me I could watch movies on Netflix, so I decided to try that.

I saw that I could watch Hero's - a TV series, I guess. I vaguely remember hearing that it was good, so I'm watching the second one right now and I'm a little creeped out. ew. and yikes.

Not my best solo viewing choice.

And now I'm going to have to find something else to watch to get all un-scared.

The fact that we are having a big rain storm is not helping.


Deanne said...

We LOVED Hero's! But yes, it is on the creepy side. Have you seen Bleak House? I know, it doesn't sound good but it is, trust me! It's a Dickens book/movie and done well. It is also a mystery but not in a creepy sense. And it'll take you a couple nights to get through it. Just a suggestion.

wendy said...

Deanne - I'll admit that I'm wondering what happens next on Hero's, so I may have to watch some more... I've never heard of Bleak House - I'll have to look for it!

Army Wife said...

life is creepy enough, I do not like getting extra creeped out

Butterfly Wife said...

When I need to be uncreeped, I put on "You've Got Mail" or "Shakespeare in Love." Something funny and romantic.

Tori :) said...

Syler can be pretty creepy, but it's really a great show!!
For some reason my reader hasn't been showing new post from you. I'm sorry!!