Monday, March 07, 2005

This Week

*Jog each day - woohoo for me
Go through kids' drawers - still need to do Hannah's
*Move art supplies down to the dungeon
*Shop for couch
*Talk to Nursery leaders
Shop for more nursery toys - I will wait until I have the new classes ready to go
Plan Sharing Time
*Plan dinners
*Clean out fridge
*Go grocery shopping
*City band practice
*Squadron wives coffee
-Bake cookies for neighbor that is driving me crazy (forget the cookies, but I did talk to her for way to long yesterday, I think that is good enough)
*Blog about neighborhood soap opera
Fabric for Easter dresses
Plan date night

Whew. Busy week ahead, but it having it all written down makes me feel better.


Anonymous said...

Wendy, you keep reminding me of some of my old favorite poems. Do you remember the picture I had drawn to go with that poem? Your weekly list is impressive. Mom

Mary said...

Ooo! I wish I could go couch shopping with you, how fun! I'm excited to hear about the neighborhood drama. Are you in the middle of it, or just a spectator? That's a good list for the week, makes me feel like I should be productive.