Monday, February 28, 2005

Happy Birthday Sydney

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Just Little


Anonymous said...

Sydney - Happy Birthday! You are a doll. Did you really get a drum set for your Birthday? Your younger pictures remind me of when you guys lived with us for awhile. They reminded me of the nuzzels you used to give me. Now you are so grown up. I can hardly wait to see you this summer. Grammy

Anonymous said...

Sydney, you are so beautiful. I can't believe how much you have grown up. I hope you had a a fun birthday. Love, Auntie Anna

muse said...


Anonymous said...

Has your mother been to this doll site?

It is unusual but very artistic.

Miz Booshay

Mary said...

Syd, you are, and have always been, such a cutie! Although I miss the days of tiny Syd with very little hair, I love seeing how you are growing. Hope you had a fun pottery party! Love ya!