Friday, February 04, 2005

Pot Luck

Is it bad form to take a store-bought lasagna to a pot luck dinner? The invitation says to bring a family favorite along with a recipe, but I cannot think of anything travels well. Why do these kinds of things stress me out. It is not a big deal. I will just take the lasagna and have a nice time. Ok.


Anonymous said...

Lasagna sounds good to me! Be sure to take your recipe: 1 pair of comfy shoes to walk through grocery store. $10 to pay for it. Bake 2 hrs at 400....relax during baking time. enjoy!


muse said...

Sure, if it's a favorite, and easy to bring. If you were asked to bring a cake or rolls they wouldn't require it to be home-made.

And the delays we've been complaining about are because of the internet. Explorer shows new posts immediately.

Anna said...

I think you should take the lasagna, and a complicated recipe, and just tell everyone you made it yourself. Or skip the lasagna and just bring those delicious spice girl breadsticks.

wendy said...

I took the lasagna. It was a success. I felt a little like a cheater, but someone ordered pizza, so it's all good. I love your recipe, Heather.