Saturday, February 05, 2005

Yee Haw

Have you seen the PBS programs that take families "back in time" to live like a pioneer or a colonist? Now you can apply to be a participant on the Texas Ranch House. Yee Haw!

I have enjoyed watching those programs in the past, staying up past my bedtime to see what happens, but then the actual show is a bit disappointing. The producers focus on conflict and bickering between the characters instead of the things I am really interested in - the daily struggle to fix dinner without a stove, keeping the kids clean, and staying warm. Do the characters feel like they have more time in their lives to think without the distractions of TV, telephone, computer, etc, or does survival leave them without spare time.

I'm sure that the conflict is more interesting in a TV program, but it would be nice if maybe there was a boring documentary to go along with the ---house shows - less Surviver, more History Channel. You know, kind of to show how they keep bread and cheese fresh without ziplock bags, what people do in the evenings without light, if the people begin to get creative with the tools that they are allowed, do they plant a garden, what do they eat while they wait for the garden, etc.

Ya'll should apply. Mom, Dad, and Erin would be grrrreat on the show. Dad will just need to polish up his snakeskin boots, dust of the W/M brand, and mosy on down to Tejas.


muse said...

Write to the producers about your opinion. I think that you're right, not that I've ever seen the show.

Laurie said...

Wendy, I think YOU and your family would be great on the show! Yee-haw is right!

Anonymous said...

Howdy Howdy! That show looks so fun! I agree with Laurie, your family should do it. However, I just read on the PBS website that they discourage families with small children. It seems like having little kids underfoot would make it all the more realistic though. I love those shows, they really make me wonder how we would have done living during those times, or even for a few months like the people on the show.

wendy said...

Not me, remember, we lived in Texas - I know they have snakes and scorpions. I will enjoy watching this one from the comforts of my couch and AC.