Saturday, March 12, 2005

When Do I Get a Turn?

I had a bad dream that I was running around during Sacrament Meeting trying to get my sharing time ready to go. It was so stressful. I try really hard to have everything all ready before Primary. It is important to me that we sit in the front and really minimize all the running around and chatting in the halls during Primary. I need to get this thing planned.

I have had a hard time, this week, deciding how to present the topic for the week - Christ Organized His Church. I think I am going to use the paper cup tower that the missionaries use to show how he built his church and how it fell apart as the 12 apostles died. Then we'll talk about the church today and rebuild the tower. I just am not exactly sure how to do it. We will also play a matching game with pictures from the gospel art kit of things from today and things from Christ's time -baptism, blessing, temple, 12 apostles, sacrament, etc. I think that will go okay. In Senior Primary I will talk more about the Keys of the Priesthood, and use the scriptures.

Lately I feel like I am losing Jr. Primary. I don't know how to pick helpers so that no one gets hurt feelings. We have those sticks that you can pull out with the kids names, but that wastes a lot of time. Sometimes we pass around an object while we sing, and whoever ends up with it gets to be the helper. But we can't do that every week, and even then, one little boy always starts yelling, "When is it my turn?" I think tomorrow I will ask each teacher to call on a child from their class to come help. Then they can keep track of who got a turn last time, etc. That should work.

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Mary said...

Wendy, I think it is great that you are prepared before primary begins. It is probably a great help to the spirit of the meeting to have you ready to go and not having to run around doing last-minute stuff and I'm sure it runs much more smoothly that way. I hate the unprepared dreams! When I'm stressed, I seem to have ones where I am in college again and realized I forgot I had a certain class until the end of the semester and am worried about how I will get all the work done to pass, etc. Yikes.

How did it go to have the Jr. Primary kids' teachers assign who gets to help? It seems like they need to learn that it is okay not to get picked every time, but maybe that's a maturity thing that happens regardless of primary :) When I was in primary it was always funny to see this one boy raise his hand to answer questions - they couldn't choose him every time and when they asked another kid who gave a good answer the first boy would always say in a funny whine, "That's what I was going to say!" pout pout