Tuesday, March 29, 2005

I Don't Like

I don't like doing fractions.
I don't like doing chores.
I hate to do my spelling
When I'd rather play outdoors.

I don't like peas or broccoli.
I don't like writing letters.
I don't like taking bubble baths,
Or wearing itchy sweaters.

I don't like washing dishes.
I don't like pouring rain.
But what I really like to do
Is sit here and complain!

- Crystal Bowman


I'm trying to do better, I really am. But I really do enjoy complaining.

I am worried about little Hannah. We sent the kids to school this year and I have been pleasantly suprised by their school. I really like the principal and their teachers. The kids are both very smart and are in accelerated groups (which makes me feel like I can pat my self on the back.) But Hannah is still lonely. My main reason for sending her to school was because she was lonely. In Florida and Texas she had 2-3 close homeschooling friends, but when we moved here we did not find any homeschoolers her age, and I did not make the effort to find a good homeschooling group to join. So she was lonely. And with all the interaction with kids at school, she still seems lonely.


Donna Boucher said...

That would make me sad too...if my child was lonely.
Katie does not have any friends in the neighborhood and it is work to get her together with friends.

It only takes one friend to make one feel special.
Perhaps we could pray for a special friend for her.

Mary said...

I like Donna's comment, it does only take one good friend... Han is awesome and if I were 10 and living in your neighborhood, I'd be her best pal.