Thursday, March 10, 2005

Neighborhood Woes Continued

So here's how it's going. After a confusing day of phone calls I got to hear the sordid details of the argument between to two neighbors. (one insulted the other's child and threatened to get Family Advocacy involved - a rather serious threat as it would affect her husband's career.) I was feeling grouchy at both of them, and I hate that feeling, so I decided the best thing to do for me, was to sincerely apologize for myself. I called N2 and apoligized for my thoughless actions and told her how I could see how I hurt her feelings. When she tried to turn the conversation to N1 bashing I changed the subject and we talked preschools. I felt a little like Anne apoligizing to Mrs. Rachel . I did feel much better after that, then called N1 and apoligized for causing her any additional hurt and again offered to take her out to lunch. I think things are pretty well resolved on my part, but I feel bad that N1 and N2 are not getting along, I'm not willing to get any more involved in that, though.

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muse said...

Changing the subject's a good technique to keep steering the bad talk away. You're doing great!