Sunday, January 22, 2012

Writing (and other goals) Update

It is time to write about writing.  I am really enjoying my 34 minutes of writing daily as part of my Round of Words in 80 days, but weekend writing just isn't happening.  We had a super long 4 day weekend last week and I was feeling guilty for not keeping up with the writing, but I've decided that's just the way it is.  I can't write on the weekends. I'm just writing for me, so I get to decide!  I've been playing around with writing some little scenes.  Kind of silly and frustrating and fun.

Last weekend when I wasn't writing, I found a video series on Yahoo called the Failure Club.  I didn't even know there were videos made by yahoo, but this one was really interesting.  In the show, there is a group of adults working toward crazy goals (jumping horses, stand up comedy, writing a famous Christmas song, etc.)  Things they always wanted to do, but just didn't really have time for or didn't really think that they could do.

All year they will be working to do something really crazy and fail and learn along the way.  I think the point of the show is that we often tell ourselves we can't do things because we might fail, when instead we should try to do hard things - that failing isn't the worst thing that could happen - the worst thing is doing nothing at all...

I've only seen a couple of episodes, but it is fascinating, and it made me think about this crazy writing thing I'm trying to do.  I love writing.  I want to be a writer, but I just don't know how, and I am scared to really try.  It is a crazy goal that may not be realistic, but it still worth doing.  Even if I fail.  Just one day at a time!


I am cooking more real food.  I have been planning more meals each week, and finding quick things to fix on days that are busy.  Guess what?  Cooking dinner doesn't seem so terrible.  I can definitely say that I am cooking at least 3 good dinners a week.  I think I can even move my goal up to 5 real dinners a week, now.  Something great about fixing real dinners, is that we do a better job of cleaning up the kitchen on the nights that I cook.  I'm not sure why, but if I pick up pizza, we just don't follow through with our dinner jobs.  But if I fix dinner, then, by golly, someone else had better be washing the dishes and wiping the table!  On the menu for this week is grilled chicken sandwiches, chicken tacos, lasagna, homemade pizza, nacho noche, and ribs.  Everything served with broccoli, because I accidentally bought a gargantuan bag of broccoli at Sam's Club.  What was I thinking!

In running news, last week was cold.  Really cold.  I only ran 3 times.  And all 3 times I was a little worried about frost bite.  Hannah and I went on Monday when my car said that the temperature was 11 degrees.  I'm not sure what the wind chill factor was, but it was really too cold to be out there.  It should be warmer this week, but I'm not sure if I'll have time to run... 

I think I can cross off most of my Organizing goals.  I took a large load of stuff from the basement to Goodwill this week.  It felt good to just let it go.  That was a really cold day.  I didn't have my gloves on while we were unloading the car, and my fingers were aching by the time I hopped back up behind the wheel.  It was like 2 degrees out there and the wind was just brutal!  The basement storage room still needs more work, but it looks a lot better.  I am really glad that I worked on Nathan's shop earlier in the month while the weather was nice!

And my violin practicing goal was not on my original list, but we had our recital on Friday, and I did just fine.  I did not get lost and I didn't run out of the room crying. Yay me!  Being about 30 years older than all the other students is only a little embarrassing!


Deanne said...

It's great that you've set these goals, sounds like it has motivated you to do more and better. Great job Wendy! Can you come over and make some goals for me now? ;)

Love that you served broccoli with every meal, that made me smile. :) I think you're right about it feeling good to serve a good dinner. but why is that??! I'm telling you, the crock pot makes me feel like a great wife/mother.....little effort but yummy pay off! :)

Mary said...

Great job Wendy! Your better meal making has inspired my better meal making. My family thanks you :)

Yay for Nate coming home soon!

yikici said...

Wendy, I love this post -it's very inspiring; healthy eating is a way forward and I LOVE broccoli (I make warm salads from it -delish!).

As for embarking a writing career; don't worry about it, just write and see where it takes you -it's a beautiful journey; I started this time last year and it's been an eye opener in every way imaginable -be it in technique or personal. Stay focused; you'll get there soon. :)

Mom said...

I love your goals and that you are doing so well with them. Congratulations on the violin recital. I was always so impressed with the parents who took lessons with their kids when you were taking lessons a few years ago.