Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Sydney has a little problem.

She faints sometimes.

She has fainted twice at school this year.  Once in her woodshop class and once off the risers in her choir class.  She has also had several almost passing out episodes, and has passed out other times in the last few years.

Yesterday, Sydney, Hannah and I were shopping at the mall.  She tried on a couple of cute skirts and some jeans, and as I was checking out, Sydney disappeared.

I started out of the store while Hannah went to go find Sydney.  I thought maybe she was just looking at the clothes, but Hannah found her in the back of the shop near the changing rooms, laying down.

She had no color in her face.  She is pale anyway, but she really had no color, except for her freckles.  Her skin felt cold, and she was sweaty.  It was an actual cold sweat.

She didn't think she passed out, but was not sure.  I had her lay down with her knees up, and she rested for a while.

When she felt better, we walked to the food court and bought two different strawberry smoothies to taste-test.

The Strawberry-Julius was the winner.

The problem is, I don't know what to do.  When she first passed out at school this year, I took her to the doctor and they ran a full EKG and did a simple neuro exam.  They also ran a blood test.  Everything checked out fine.  They recommended more protein in her diet.  I told her she should stop wearing her corset!

I'm a little worried, because it is still happening...  On the other hand, when you google 13 year old girl and fainting, it turns out it is a rather common thing.  So maybe I shouldn't worry...

I don't know.  Sydney is not a weak little girl.  She is not afraid of anything.  She is strong and fast and full of energy.

Should I ask for a more thorough physical?  Any thoughts?


trish said...

Hello! It's been a long time - but now the secrets out... I'm a blog stalker! Lol. Anyway, I think it's so fun to see how your kids have grown! But I couldn't resist replying to this post. As an official doctors wife (who knows nothing but think I do) I would totally take Sydney in. I actually gave craig the details you had on here and he agreed. With the information he had he suggested an echocardiogram... Bekah says hi! Miss south Dakota and everyone we knew there. Take care. Trish

trish said...

Oh yeah - and totally needs to give up the corset! Those are brutal! Lol

wendy said...

Trish! How fun to hear from you! Thanks for the official Dr ('s wife) advice! I think you are right. Do I just call up and say "hey, I want to schedule an echocardiogram for my daughter?" Or try to get the Dr on the phone (again - I've been calling in each "episode" all fall so that there is an official record) and hope that she wants to do one?

trish said...

I would just call and ask for a referral to a cardiologist (pediatric cardiologist if there is one in town). I personally would quit dealing with the military pcm as quickly as possible... they may be fine, but if your concerned I would just go for the guys who really specialize in this... The one thing I have become certain of is that you really have to stay on top of your own health care (especially in the military, because there is such a high turnover of docs.) Good Luck! Hope everything is ok, and she just needs more peanut butter!

Mom said...

I think Trish has given you good advice. And I think it is good that you have called in to report each episode. Be sure and keep a record for yourself so that when you go into the doctor you can say what happened when. It does worry me too. I know it has been happening for quite a few years.

Anna said...

ow scarey that Sydney has been fainting. I love the first picture of her. I remember her being that sweet cute little girl. But when Sydney was little, she only liked mom. I remember crying on the front stairs because my niece didn't like me. I didn't know how totally crazy little kids could be! I mean, not like me?

jody said...

Hi Wendy!

Its been a long time since i have read blogs, but stopped by to see how your kids have grown. I agree with Trish. Take her in to see the doc and insist on an echo. They are non-invasive and it will set your mind at ease. Also ask them to give her a glucose tolerance test....3 hour or 5 hour. She might have something called reactive hypoglycemia. They can't find that with a random or fasting glucose tests. Google it. Make sure if she has the test they have a doc on sight when she does it. Treatment for it is pretty easy...eating every 2 hours and low carb, low sugar...and no caffeine at all. Hope this helps.