Monday, January 16, 2012

Busy Weekend

On Friday, Hannah had a gig.  Her friends were playing at the Dahl Emerging Artists Program, and they asked her to "open" for them.  I just found a short video of her on a local news station.  You can't actually hear her play, but she looks so cute playing the Manta Ray Uke, made by Nathan.

I wasn't able to go watch Hannah's big performance because we had 4 little 5th graders learning how to do the Hoe Down Throwdown for the elementary school talent show over here at our house.  (so cute)  But Hannah came home just dancing around and happy about it.  She was invited to come back and bring her dad, too.

here's the link again:

I wish I could just put the video here.  Do you know how to do that?

Later on Friday Night we hosted a Seminary Party.  There were about 15 kids from church over here eating pizza, watching a movie and playing games.  The big hit of the night was PIT, and when things got a little out of hand (read LOUD),  I found some sparklers that were left over from the 4th of July and they had a great time with those!

On Saturday, John had his first wrestling match.

I felt entirely out of my element and just about to cry all day.  I really wish Nathan had been there to help John.  It was definitely a dad world.  But John wrestled hard and did a great job.

Here is a video of John's last match:



nikko said...

I didn't realize Hannah was such a musician! How exciting to have a "gig"!

Mary said...

Gooooooooo Hannah! She's a star! Gooooooooo John! And go Wendy too :) You're doing great! I'm so glad Nathan will be back soon for some good dad time at the wrestling matches!

Anna said...

I can't believe how cool Hannah is. Yay. And John is amazing. He totally took that kid down in like two seconds!

Mary said...

p.s. I am no wrestling expert so I have a silly question: Does it hurt the boys' feelings when they get pinned? I can just imagine Rand crying because of this - but I have only seen him wrestle with Linds who is ruthless :)

wendy said...

Nikko, Anna, and Mary - Hannah is a super star! And so cool!

Mary - there were a lot of little guys crying on Saturday. John got tumbled over to the edge of the mat where he bonked his head and shoulder on the hard gym floor... he started crying then and cried through the rest of the match... (he also bonked his lip and they put a cotton ball in his bleeding mouth.) by the end of that match he was really crying hard. I was close to crying too... He lost the match, but just by one point. I think if he hadn't been crying he would have won it. Or maybe not because I really have no idea how you get points...

I also think that having an older brother to wrestle would really help! Having the experience of getting beat up, and hurt, and figuring out how to get away, and knowing how to be aggressive would be rather valuable for wrestling, you know. Unfortunately, John's 3 big sisters don't really "wrastle".... and being aggressive here gets you sent to bed...

I don't think it hurts their feeling so much when they get pinned, I think it just plain hurts. Their arms are all bent crazy behind their backs and some big kid is squishing them. It can't feel good!

Mrs.Field's Cookies said...

Awesome! Great job John! What a stud! This is Bridger btw. I'm sure he/you know by now that he needs to move his arm from under him. That was always what I hated when wrestling, trying to get both those shoulders down.


wendy said...

Bridger - John is excited to know you wrestled, too!