Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Mustache, Ukulele, Writing Update #3

Nathan has been working on growing a mustache the last few months.

Hannah's tried out a few mustache styles, herself.

A sliced peach mustache?

Emily has taken the art of mustache to a whole new level.


Even Grandpa B. tried it out!

I am trying NOT to grow a mustache.  I hope.  But I think my un-mustache may be chapped.  I went running today and it was cold and windy.  I wore a little muffler around my neck and chin and nose, but it would get too hot and sweaty, and then I'd move it down.  And then the sweat on my face would kind of freeze and now my upper lip area is sore and red.  Hmmm.  

The mustache is just a little bit of deployment fun. 

Nathan has had another project to keep him out of trouble.

Building Ukuleles.

He has built two himself, and helped build another two.

He has had a little workshop in his room.  Do you see that crazy contraption back there behind the uke?  It is used to form the sides of the ukulele, and I had to mail it to Nathan.  It is full of cranks and turning parts and an electric pad and plug.  I was pretty sure I was going to be picked up as the unibomber after I mailed it!

Aren't they beautiful?

Nathan learned how to build these while we were in Hawaii.  I think he's pretty amazing.  
And so is his mustache!


Also amazing, is the 34 minutes of writing that I'm doing daily as part of the ROW in 80 days...  I am enjoying using my time more deliberately each day with writing as a part of that.  I have been writing and thinking about teen parenthood.  Partly because I'm writing about it, and partly because it has been a weird year with Hannah being the same age that I was. 

Sometimes when I am cheering her on at her latest big event, I think about the me that was 17 and I worry about her (me).   When I was 17, I really didn't worry. I felt all grown up.  I felt like I could do anything, and though I had messed up, everything would still be just fine.  

But looking back as the mom-of-a-17-year-old, I can see all the many ways in which things could have gone wrong.  So many what ifs, that I get a little catch in my throat just thinking about it!  

Hannah, Sydney, Emily and John.  Dec. 2011

And then I look at the family we are and I wonder if it is unlucky to say, Wow!  Look at us now!

It's time to start writing about something else.  Tomorrow.  I'm just not sure what....


Deanne said...

what is it with mustaches being so 'in' right now?? weird! but kinda fun. :)

I love the shot of your kids. they're a good looking bunch. :)

**thank you for the Christmas card!!! :)

Mrs.Field's Cookies said...

I think your family is wow! And the picture of your kids gets me a little teary. They are great kids. Love you!

Elizabeth Anne Mitchell said...

Definitely a fine group of kids, Wendy. I'm doing the same sort of thing with the writing--putting down whatever occurs to me. I figure even if it isn't useful, it's keeping me writing!

yikici said...

Wendy, your post is extremely inspiring and made me smile. You have a lovely family so those 'what ifs' you shouldn't worry too much about; enjoy the present -as a wise panda's master said once:

"...yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called the "present."

I think your goal is great (and am loving the moustaches!)

Mary said...

I love all those mustashes (how do you spell that?) Will Nate shave his when he gets back? I love that Grandpa B got in on the action! Em in her costume is awesome!

Ah, your kids are beeeautiful!