Wednesday, December 28, 2011

To Do List 2012

The year is winding down, and deployment #4 (or maybe 5. I lost count...) is nearly over.  It's time for some goals!  I love a To-Do List, and I want to be more deliberate about my time.


Done consciously and intentionally

intentional - wilful - studied - willful - purposeful

I think I'll try to keep it trackable and just start with the month of January:

Cook at least 3 good dinners a week

Not including Sundays.  Sundays are easy. All the other days have been really hard for me this fall.   A real dinner does not include Mac n Cheese, frozen pizza, or corn dogs...

Just tonight, I was telling my friend Megan about my cooking problem and Sydney piped up and said "But we have really good breakfasts!"  Which made me feel great. Thank you, Sydney, you are my favorite!  I have been fixing really great breakfasts this school year - egg sandwiches, pancakes, french toast, smoothies.  And I fix lunches nearly every day for everyone.  Yay me!  (to make me feel a little less guilty about my dinner problem)

Dinner is just hard.  We are busy several evenings every week - wrestling, violin, church night - but I will PLAN meals and USE the crockpot.

With Nathan coming home in about a month, I should probably get back in the habit of real food....

Run 5 days a week
3 days @ 3 miles
1 day @ something different - stairs or hills or intervals
1 long run

I have had fun running with my friend Amy this fall.  But we have both been busy most of December and have done a bad job of getting our morning run to happen.  Time to get back to work.

On the other hand, it could get really cold here in South Dakota.  I am amazed at how much I have acclimated to the cold.  A couple years ago I would never have run on cold days.  Now I know that 20 degrees F is just fine for running with a fleece and some gloves and a hat.  Temps in the teens require a muff for my nose and maybe another jacket.  But anything colder than that is just too cold for me.  I have a Y membership.  As part of my goal, I will plan to use the Y if temps are below 20 degrees F.

Help!  Nathan is coming home in a month and my storage spots are a mess!  Here are the danger zones:

Christmas Stuff
Goodwill Stuff
Basement Storage Room 
Nathan's Wood Shop

Christmas stuff needs no explanation.  Goodwill is on the list because that place is hard for me to get to, and I know after the basement storage area gets cleaned out I will need to go there.  Or maybe I can have someone come here?

The Basement Storage Room is the worst - it contains my sewing stuff which has blown up all over the place with all of our Christmas crafts.   Lots of other hazardous items are also stored there like Nathan's abundance of uniforms and boots and bags, craft supplies, too-big and too-small clothes for kids, camping stuff, baby clothes, SCUBA gear, boxes - lots of empty boxes, and more... SOS!

The wood shop is really Nathan's zone, but I promised to clean it out while he was gone and I never did... It's not too late!

I think my goal for organizing will be one area each week:
This week = Christmas stuff
Next week = Basement Storage Area
Then = Goodwill
Then the Wood Shop.  Though I should maybe watch the weather and work on the wood shop while we it is warm.
That doesn't seem so bad!

This is scary.... I enjoy writing.  Or I used to love writing.  I think.  This blog used to be my favorite thing, right?  But I got busy and let it go.

I am going to set some writing goals and join A Round of Words in 80 days.  Here are the rules:  Decide on a goal, write it up on your blog, check in twice a week by writing about your writing on your blog.  I'm not making big plans like write the Great American Novel, but just wanting to start some actual daily habits.  Here are my goals for the next month to 80 days:

Write daily.
Read a book about writing.

I wish I could say: Write 500 words a day, but I don't actually know what 500 words a day looks like.
So for now, let's just go with Sit Down and Write.  Each Day.  34+ dedicated and deliberate minutes a day with no internet or phone calls or washing dishes.  Just writing.  Even  just a little.

Anyone want to join me?

Checking Back:
blog twice a week about goals - Wednesday and Sunday
FOOD - 3 good meals a week
RUNNING - 5 days a week
ORGANIZING - 1 area a week
WRITING - daily.

Happy New Year!


Mrs.Field's Cookies said...

Good goals! I need to sit down and set some goals for next year.
Also, I wish I would have gotten a love for writting like you. drat!
One more comment, 3 miles is not considered a long jog? WHAT?!

Mary said...

Great list! I like a list of goals more than resolutions. Goals like yours can be looked at, altered if needed, and checked off. I do love writing but usually end up just making lists these days of what we're up to - want to chat about a story I think one of us needs to write?

Excellent job running! Especially in the cold! Yowza!

Anna said...

Yeah, since when is 3 miles not a long run? I would feel like a rock star if I ran one mile, any day, ever. And then I would take the rest of the day off. And probably brag about it.
I love your list of goals, I need to write out goals for this year. Thanks for the inspiration.
And I love your new blog picture!

alberta ross said...

Good goals go girl however I do have one concern on your tidy goals - in my experience life has a habit of up and slapping one around the face with a wet fish - maybe - and I'm only suggesting:) nathans place should be done ASAP as you had said it would be done before he returned and if by any sad chance you had accident/illness/ roof blow off or whatever that last week the most important goal might be missed!!!!
just saying:)

all the best with this week

wendy said...

Erin - 3 miles is long, but I can do it every day, I'm going to run a little longer once a week.

Mary - I'd love to hear your story, I just hope it doesn't involve snot bubbles!

Anna - I love the picture, too. It's one we took when we lived here in RC the last time. Nathan and I got up in the middle of the night and hiked a few miles to the top of the world and took pictures as the sun came up. It was really amazing!

Alberta - I thought maybe you were going to tell me I should let him tidy up his own shop because I might put something away in the wrong spot! But you are right, I was worried about the same thing, and started cleaning it out today. I'm mostly worried that we'll get some cold cold weather and I won't want to be out there....