Saturday, December 10, 2011

O Christmas Tree

It's a tradition, we have to cut down our own Christmas Tree. We have cut down our own Christmas Tree each year that we have lived here in Rapid City.  This is our 5th Christmas in Rapid City and our 5th tree from the Black Hills.  We move around a lot, so having a tradition that we can claim is kind of a big thing.

Here's John and Sydney, ready to cut down our first Christmas Tree in Rapid City back in 2004.

This year I wasn't sure about cutting down a tree without Nathan, so we were thrilled when our friends the Policky's invited us to go with them.  And that's just what we did.  We went up the road a ways and hiked around in the snow looking for just the right tree.  It was very cold!

It's strange how in the woods you lose all sense of how tall the trees actually are.  Here's a little tip for making sure you don't end up with a tree that is taller than your house.  Use your saw to measure the height of your ceiling.  If I have the saw in my hand, and raise my arm straight up, the saw just touches the ceiling.  Any tree taller than the top of the saw would be toooooo tall!

All the trees are a little scrawny and Charlie Brown like, but we found a tree we all liked.

Hannah did all the chopping.  She is very strong!

Then we carried it back to the car.  We were glad to have some friends with us to help tie it to the roof of the car!  I still have your nice rope, Don.  Sorry!

When we got it home and into the house we noticed that it is even scrawnier than we thought, with a major bald spot or three!

But we think it's lovely!

Merry Christmas!


Mrs.Field's Cookies said...

awww cute! What a great Christmas tree! I am glad you were able to keep up the tradition.
Go Buff Hannah!

Mary said...

Your tree is the coolest! I just love that old picture of Syd and John - it seems like that's how old they should still be :)

p.s. Yay for good friends helping carry out a fun tradition with you!