Thursday, December 29, 2011

Craft - o - Rama

I heart kid crafts.  And luckily I have a kid or two who will do crafts with me.  (Thank you, Emily!)  Christmas time is prime crafting time here at our house.  First there are all the decorating projects, and then there's gift projects.

Thanks to my sister, Mary, I joined Pinterest this Thanksgiving and we were able to make make make all December long.  I printed out several pages of pictures and craft instructions, and set up a table with craft supplies.  Then I rented Christmas movies and we got to work.  I hope you don't mind if I indulge in a teeny bit of bragging here....

Ribbon Trees with wire, beads and ribbon.
By Emily.
Paper ornaments by Emily and me with paper and brads.

Pom Pom Ball with foam ball, small pom poms and pins.
By Emily.

A little gift for my Primary Class.

Tick Tack Snowmen with paper, ribbon, tape, and a 1 inch hole punch.
By Sydney.

Lunch Boxes with a placemat and ribbon.  Crochet washcloth.
By me for Mom and Sarah.

Chenille Owls by Emily.  So cute!  and a little ladder Christmas Tree for the basement.

After we made decorations and gifts for our friends, we started making gifts for each other.  Last year we made a rule in our family that everyone had to make a gift for everyone.  We made some fun things last year - hair flowers and marshmallow guns and stilts, but this year we really out did ourselves!  

It was like Santa's workshop around here with everyone sneaking around trying to finish gifts for each other.  It was my favorite part of Christmas, even though there was a moment when I thought I might go crazy, trying to help everyone at the same time.

John carved bows and arrows for everyone.

They really work!

Hannah made tents for Emily and John.  They slept in them all week!

Emily made an S for Sydney

She also made made swords for John!  Fun! 

Emily made a couple of holders for Hannah's hot hair tools.  Sydney made a couple of little pouches for earphones for Hannah and me, and she made a bag for Emily's violin music.  She also made a duck tape wallet for John.  

I made PJ pants for everyone!

I took the Christmas lights down from the house today, and the garbage man already took our tree, so I guess Christmas is over until next year...  Time to think about Valentine's Day!


Mary said...

Craft-o-rama is right! I'm so glad you posted pictures - I have been excited to see what you guys came up with! You all did such great work! I love those owls and the tic tac snowmen. Plus Rand needs to make those bow and arrows. Those are the coolest.

nikko said...

These are such great ideas! I always have grand plans of having my kids do more handmade gifts, but then it comes down to it and we run out of time and ideas. :o) I think I'll be bookmarking (or pinning!) your post for next year!

It's so nice to see you blogging again. Glad you had a great Christmas!

wendy said...

Mary - John had fun using his pocket knife. i had to do the initial cut in, then he kind of whittled it down. I got a blister helping!

Nikko - hello again! I'm trying...

Deanne said...

LOVE Pinterest! Great ideas that I actually get around to doing, what's up with that?! :) How can I find you on Pinterest so I can 'follow' your boards? Usually I find my friends via Facebook. Hmmmm.....

Mrs.Field's Cookies said...

I love all the projects! Does Hannah want to make one of those tents for my boys? kidding.. sort of!
Make your kids stop growing! They are all getting too big!

wendy said...

Deanne - you found me! Yay!

Erin - the tents were easy. Does Bridger have a drill?