Thursday, December 08, 2011

Let it Snow

It's Christmas time in South Dakota. Brrr! 

 We have had some good snow already this year, which makes me so happy. I love the snow in December! (not so much in March and April....and May....) But right now I love it.

I went out early this morning to start the car for Hannah, and I was completely surprised by a fresh coat of snow. I was so excited that I almost fell down the stairs - but that wasn't the snow's fault - that was because I couldn't see very well, it was still night time at 6:07am and the porch light only comes on after you take a few steps, and I wasn't wearing my glasses because I broke my glasses on our trip to Utah, twice, and I was looking at the snow falling and not paying attention to where I was walking... but I didn't fall, I only almost fell...

I did sweep the snow off of Hannah's car and start it up for her, because I am nice like that, and I don't want her to have an excuse to miss early morning seminary. I also made her some french toast. I think I'm turning in to my dad! yikes!

Back to the snow:

I think that's one of my favorite things - snowflakes on John's eyelashes!

And another of my favorite things: Sydney taking a break from sledding. We were at the Policky's house in those photos. The Policky's have the best sledding hill around. These photos were from before Thanksgiving when we had a huge snow storm and invited ourselves up to sled at the Policky's and were fed the best toasted cheese sandwiches and tomato soup ever! Yeah for good friends!

I was actually wanting to write about our Christmas tree (which we chopped down in the woods, with some good friends - the Policky's! again!) but blogger can't see those photos for some reason. And you never know when I'm going to want to open up blogger again, so I thought it would be better to write something than to write nothing, which is what I usually do: nothing.

Though I cancelled Netflix last week, so maybe my computer time will not all be wasted watching Dr. Martin episodes...

and maybe if I just tell myself to just write something, not everything, I'll be able to come back to this thing.

The problem with getting behind by a couple of years, is that I feel like I need to go back and write about that one time we went to the fair, or if I'm going to post about Christmas,

then I really should post up a Halloween picture,

and maybe a back to school photo....

(blogger is obviously holding a grudge as it won't let me rotate that photo to save my life no matter how many times I've rotated and saved and uploaded it's still sideways. sorry!)

and then it just gets out of hand....


Deanne said...

Ah, the snow. I miss it. But come March, April....well, I'm glad I live where I live. For now though, I miss the snow and am only slightly envious of you. :)

Blogging. *sigh* I wish there was a way to transfer my thoughts (and pictures) from my brain to the computer.

Mary said...

Those Halloween pictures are hilarious! I love the costumes you guys came up with!