Wednesday, December 03, 2008


I had some sewing to do this morning that I just didn't want to do. I'm not sure how it happened, but I said I would sew a couple of hula skirts for some girls in our hula class. Hula skirts are easy, it just takes a little time, and I didn't want to have to go upstairs, clear off the sewing table, and sew.

This morning I was thinking about going to the library, but those skirts were hanging over my head, so I made a little deal with myself: no library until the skirts were finished.

The skirts are done and the kids are out early today (and every wednesday) so it looks like I'll get to go to the library after all. Woo hoo!

And it turned out the sewing was rather fun. It made me start thinking about some other sewing I want to do this month. Christmas is coming and I'd like to sew a palm tree Christmas countdown (should do, like tonight to enjoy the whole countdown thing), a couple more hula skirts as gifts, and maybe some pj's.

Are you planning to make any of your gifts this year?


nikko said...

I am planning some homemade gifts -- we'll see what actually gets done. I have to mail many of mine, so the time crunch has already begun.

Good luck!

Mary said...

I think getting out my sewing machine and setting it all up is the biggest obstacle to me actually sewing. Too much work!

I feel like an Elf these days. Homemade gifts:

3 Ornaments for roommates
10 wire star ornaments for visiting/home teaching families and primary presidency
1 kid sweater finished
1 kid sweater 1/4 way done

And yesterday some friends and I dipped pretzels and marshmellows and oreos in melted white and brown chocolate to give out. YUM

I have a few other things I would like to make - a decoration of some kind for the McSister exchange and pajama bottoms are at the top of the list if I can get that dang sewing machine out!

Mary said...

Oh, and I have really cute fabric for stockings, but we'll see if I can get to that. (It all sounds ambitious reading what I typed, but most of what I have made was done while watching too many shows)

Mom said...

I am way behind already - I've only got one thing done and 6 to go! My goal is to have them done by the 15th. Good luck to me! I am impressed with both your plans and Mary's. Good luck to you!

Annie said...

Annie was here.

Anonymous said...

I have a few sewing projects hanging over my head. Guess I better make a deal with my self to get them done.

Linda said...

I used my sewing machine one time. It was a disaster...