Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Soccer Season

Hannah hasn't played soccer for a couple of years, but she decided to go ahead and try out for the high school team. First she was going to try out. Then she wasn't. Then she for sure wasn't. Then, the day before tryouts started she decided she might as well try out. She made it!

It's usually pretty easy to spot Hannah on the field! There she is, with the ball! Go #21!

She has a game tonight. Good luck Hannah!


This morning I am heading to the Ala Moana mall, a big open air mall down in Honolulu. I am not actually much of a mall shopper and have only been to the Ala Moana mall exactly once. And that was just for lunch. I'm going with a friend, so I think it will be fun.

Going downtown on a school day makes me a little nervous. I don't have a cell phone and I worry. I also get a little worried about traffic. If for some reason traffic is bad (ie an accident on the road, or construction, or just basic slow moving cars) we could totally get stuck. Getting stuck makes me nervous because then I would be late picking up the kids from school. And I'm never late. It may be a good idea for us to practice the "mom never showed up to get us" scenario....

But I'm sure we will have fun, and we won't get stuck and will return home in plenty of time to pick up the kids, head to a soccer game, then a science fair, then to the church for mutual. (a little pep talk for me)


one question: Christmas cards are arriving and I'm wondering if you do anything cute with yours to display them?


Mary said...

Go Hannah! Last I heard, she was NOT going to play. But I hope she has a great time!

You guys are so busy - school, soccer, science fair, mutual, sheesh!

Have a great time shopping and don't get stuck downtown. Yay for shopping with a friend - and without kids!

nikko said...

Yay for Hannah!

Have fun shopping -- I'm sure everything will be fine.

We just stick ours to the wall. I saw someone once had a small tree by the front door that they put their cards on. I like that idea. Of course, I'm wondering how it would work now that so many people send letters instead of cards.

Anonymous said...

Have a great time shopping! You should have a good time. Everyone will be fine. Know the feeling of hating to be away when you don't have cell phone. Just have a great time.

Marie said...

I am always counting down minutes before school is out. Do I have enough time for...

I saw an idea somewhere and thought I would share it with you, I hope the instructions make sense.

I think you can use fabric or wrapping paper, but you adhere leftovers to clothes pins. So one side is a little more "festive". Then you use it to clip the cards to a ribbon strung across whatever room you are in. I thought that was cute. I usually tape mine to a door and am than frustrated because they fall off. Anyway hope that helps!

Mrs.Field's Cookies said...

Go Hannah! My number was 21 too, one year on my high school team!

Hannah. said...

mother! why did you put up the picture of me doing a HIGH KICK? and some kind of weird jig thing with my arms?!?!?!?!?

that was a temporary number. my numbers are 11 for away games and 49 for home.

txmommy said...

year hannah!!

I am totally with you on that, I always worry. Luckily Nikko lives three houses down and I do have a cell so I figure in an emergency I can call her.

Don said...

I hope you had a good time at Ala Moana. I always enjoyed that mall, but the last time I was there it had changed so much.

I enjoy reading your blog, and posts like these are why I'm passing on a blog award to you!

Amy Tree said...

Sweet! my number was 11! funny that your soccer season starts at the same time as our winter =)

wendy said...

Hannah - I noticed you had a different number yesterday! Whoops!

Thanks Don!

Hi Amy Tree! How are you?

Amy Tree said...

Hi Wendy and fam, check out my blog ajtreefamily.blogspot -we have a daughter!

Stewart Family said...

speaking of cards, will you send me your address so I can send you one. rikkistewart@hotmail.com