Monday, December 29, 2008

I need a List

It's Monday morning, almost 10am, and I'm sitting here at the computer wasting my day away. What I need is a LIST!

To Do:

Make a List
Call Dentist
Call Housing
Call Bellows
Take out the Garbage
Un-decorate the Tree
And other decorations
And outside lights*
Pick up Hannah at 11:30
Go to the Library
Ortho at 2:30pm
Dinner - Pizza

That's what I should do today....

*This was the first year ever that we put up outside lights on the house. It was so cute! I especially loved our little palm tree all decked out. But putting those lights up was so scary! Here's a photo of me and Sydney perched on the roof. Yikes!

Down, down, down, it was a long way down!

...okay. TIme to get goin'.

+++ updated at 11:17am. back to report that I scored reservations at Bellows for New Year's Eve! Woohoo!


Mary said...

Yikes! You let Syd go up there? That girl is fearless!

I am so excited you guys got reservations for Bellows! That was our favorite spot! What a great place to celebrate New Years! Sigh.

wendy said...

Mary - I was clinging to the roof for dear life (even crawling on hands and knees) while Syd was like, I'll go over and hook that plastic thing to the edge, easy.

And I was all (in a serious mom voice) GET BACK! STAY BACK!

ah. Fun times!

ps - I don't want to go back up there...

Don said...

Good list. I need one today.

I'm with you on the whole roof thing. Our outside lights have stayed in the box since we moved to Texas. This house has such a steep roof (because of all the snow we get here - not!) and I'm just not willing to risk my neck.

muse said...

You're brave. I have a son who is more confident on the roof than I am walking on the sidewalk. He's my opposite in so many ways.

Mary Peterson said...

Ahhh! I actually tried putting up Christmas lights one year when James was deployed. Nargiza was with us at the time and I had her wait outside in case I fell so she could call 911 for me. She just laughed as I clung on for dear life and crawled on hands and knees. She even brought out her camera to video me to show how crazy Americans are to her family. I will never make fun of people who leave their lights up all year again. After going up once, I would never go back up again to take them down. I did leave them up until James came home. He had the honor of taking them down.

Jon and Janene said...

I like lists too...I just don't finish them! Say Hi to Nate and everyone. Jon