Monday, June 11, 2007

Solo Flight

In about 24 hours I will be boarding a flight to the mainland. All alone.


My little sister is getting married, so I'm heading to Utah to be there. And to help fix cute little sandwiches and boss my sisters around and throw away paper plates.

This is my first every solo trip. I have travelled all over the Continental United States without Nathan, but I took the kids along for company. This will be my first ever trip without any of them.

I'm really excited. And a little nervous.

We've had some scheduling difficulties (thanks a lot US Army) but it looks like everything is going to work out just fine.

Here's my list of things to do tomorrow to get ready for my flight:

Figure out how to rent a car - do I need to activate a credit card for this? or will my mastercard/debit card work?

Download a few podcasts and maybe a book.

Return dress to the Exchange - I found a better one at a little boutique in Hale'iwa.

Print out online check-in stuff.

Sweep out the Tiki Hut.

Go to the Commissary and buy corn dogs and pizza pockets and bananas.

Wrap a treat for the kids to open while I'm gone.

Buy some chocolate covered Macadamia nuts for Dad.

Do laundry.

Pack my grass skirt.


nikko said...

Your debit card should work. I've always booked rental cars online ahead of time. Good luck!

Can you buy some chocolate covered Macadamia nuts for me, too? Because just what I need is a few extra calories in my diet. ;o)

Have so much fun!

Mary said...

I hope dad doesn't mind sharing!

I'm glad you found a dress, that's fun. And I'm really glad you figured out the scheduling problem. That's a relief!

Can't wait to see you. You'll be the one in a coconut bra right?

Amanda said...

How fun for you to get to go to Utah, all by yourself! I'm sure I would be nervous too, but to be all alone would make it all worth it. Not that I don't like my husband and my kids, but some time alone is always nice.

I hope you have a wonderful time seeing your family and celebrating your sisters wedding. Wave hello to the beautiful mountains of Utah for me.

Deanne said...

Nikko is right, your Master/debit card will work. No problem there. I understand being nervous before a solo trip like that, but you know what???'re gonna be just fine and love every minute of it!!! Be sure to take pics and share them with the rest of blog world! :)

Oh, and you can wave hello to me too when you fly over!

Tori :) said...

I'M in Utah. Take me back with you!!

Anna said...

You are going to have such a relaxing flight. Can you imagine, sitting quietly, without having to check on anyone, or get anything for anyone? What are you going to do when you hands are free?

wendy said...

nikko - I meant to book ahead of time, but I put it off. I am going to see if I can do it today. I'm glad my trusty blue card will do the job!

Mary - coconut bikini - check!

Amanda - I am thinking of this as a little me vacation. weeeeee!

Deanne - watch for my plane - I'll be waving!

Tori - there should be room in my luggage after I give away all the nuts...

Anna - hopefully I'll sleep. I bought a magazine. and I'm taking Harry Potter (in preparation for the new book.) Tylenol PM is on my shopping list.

Butterfly Wife said...

What does it take to pack a grass skirt? Do you have to worry about it staying fresh, getting crushed, attracting bugs? I'm sure you will, um, make an impression upon the folks of Utah in your coconut bikini and grass skirt. Have a great time!

muse said...

Wow! How great!
I remember my first solo trip. I visited my parents and attended my friend's daughter's wedding with old friends from high school.


RandyC said...

A little late, but, if you have a visa or mastercard platinum credit card, reserve and pay for your rental on that, most often they have some sort of rental car suplemental insurance.

Toni said...

Have fun! I would love to travel without the boys!

Donna Boucher said...

May the young McBride make a beautiful bride and may her big sisters shower her with love and affection and joy!

Bless them beautiful McBrides!!!

Sketchy said...

Check with the rental car agency about the debit card, sometimes they will want to charge you a deposit to be refunded when you bring back the car if you don't use a credit card or at least have one to put on the file.

Have fun Ms. Solo flyer! Ahhh a whole flight to just read or

JoyceMcB said...

Wendy, they will want to sell you insurance when you rent the car. But because you have car insurance on your own car you won't need theirs and it will about double the cost of renting the car. Good luck, excited to see you tomorrow. Mom

No Cool Story said...

Sketchy said it: check wih them, they need that big old deposit, and you don't need a suprise last minute.

It's going to be so much fun Wendy!! Have a great flight.

Carrotjello said...

Have fun!

Anonymous said...

You should just swing right on over to south dakota to us too! You can wear your grass skirt to the lake with us to water ski! Have Fun! Claw.

Amber said...

I would say the timing for this is perfect, Ms. Cranky Pants. I, too am going on a solo trip but at the end of July. Must hang in there... :-)


Suzanne said...

How fun that you're coming to Utah for your sisters wedding!

I don't know if you'll read this comment in time, but I'd love to meet you and Mary if you have a little extra time here. E-mail me at dustinandsuzanneatmsndotcom if you're interested! :)

Elizabeth-W said...

I agree with Amber. This is right on time--maybe even what you're cranky about--"Just let me get on that plane and go see my people!"

Annie said...

I can't wait to hear all about it when you get back. I'll wait here.

Pass the Junior Mints and popcorn.

Jennifer B. said...

Hope you have a great time!