Thursday, June 07, 2007

Happy Birthday!

Hannah is 13 years old!
Can you believe it?
Isn't she beautiful!

Here is a Question/Answer session with our newest teenager:

Q - Hannah, What is the best thing about being 13 years old?
A - Being a teenager!

Q - What do you want to be when you grow up?
A - A doctor, because I want to save people's lives.

Q - What is your favorite food?
A - German Chocolate Cake

Q - Have you read any good books recently?
A - I just finished Goose Girl. It is a really really really good book! It is a variation of a fairy tale and it is well written.

Q - What are your summer plans?
A - My best friend from South Dakota, Emily, is coming to visit next week. After that I am planning to exercise every day with my friend Alecia.

Q - Do you have any projects that you are working on?
A - For personal progress I am growing a garden. It is cool to see the plants growing!

Q - What is the best thing about Hawaii?
A - The beaches and the weather and the culture. (Ask me what the worst thing is...)

Q - Okay, what is the worst thing about Hawaii?
A - The price$!$ !$

Q - Are you looking forward to anything now that you are 13?
A - I 'm excited to be in 8th Grade! and I'm looking forward to sleeping in!

Do you have any questions for Hannah? I'm sure she would enjoy answering them in the comments!


Toni said...

Happy Birthday Hannah! Hope you have a wonderful summer!

Love the new look!

Carrotjello said...

Hannah, is being 13 better than being 12? My daughter turns 13 next month. Would you like a penpal?

Amanda said...

Happy Birthday Hannah!!! Scott would like to know when you are moving back to South Dakota so you can babysit?

Jordan would like to know what cool animals you have seen in Hawaii? and what is your favorite thing to do in Hawaii?

Mary said...

Happy Birthday Hannah B! I thought of you yesterday, but then I was a bad aunt and forgot to do anything about it. Do you forgive me? I love you!

Let's see, questions:

1. How tall are you now?
2. Who is your favorite aunt (wink!)
3. Do sea turtles really live to be 100 years old?
4. Now that you are a teenager, do you still think your mom is the coolest mom ever?
5. Have you tried any cool new foods since moving to Hawaii?

Aloha Han!

orchard_girl said...

Hey Hannah Happy Birthday! I also thought about you, but didn't have my cell phone, and wasn't able to call. I just read the Princess Academy by the same author as Goose Girl. I enjoyed my book, did you like yours? Have you read the Princess Academy? I also read Al Capone cleans my shirts, also a good book. Hope you had a fun day!

Hannah the 13 year old Banana said...

Carrotjello - being thirteen is pretty much the same as being twelve. lol.

Amanda/Jordan - We are probably moving back in a year and a half to two years! The coolest animal I saw here was a sea turtle. I saw it's little head poke up out of the water a few times while I was surfing (which is my favorite thing to do here!).

Mary - Whew! Lots of questions!
1. How tall are you now? I am 5' 4"
2. Who is your favorite aunt (wink!) haha. All of you guys are my favorites! I hope that I can be as close with my sisters and brother as the McSistas are!
3. Do sea turtles really live to be 100 years old? yes, and longer! sometimes 200 years!
4. Now that you are a teenager, do you still think your mom is the coolest mom ever? yes. most definitely. usually.
5. Have you tried any cool new foods since moving to Hawaii? yeah. sushi. bleh!

Heather - Goose Girl is very good! My mom should be checking out the sequel from the library (hint hint). I also read the Princess Academy, and I liked it too! I liked the quarryspeach thing or whatever. It was cool!

nikko said...

Happy Birthday, Hannah! Enjoy your day!

Amber said...

Can you BELIEVE you have a teenager?

And my question for Hannah is what she misses most about the Mainland!


Mary said...

Hannah, you are seriously 5'4"? We are the same height now - and SO much taller than your wee little mom! haha!

When you try sushi again when you are older, you will love it. If the fish grosses you out, try a California roll with avocado. It's a good way to start.

You are so awesome Hannah!

Tori :) said...

Happy Birthday Hannah!!!

Hannah said...

Amber - I really miss my friends & family. And the low prices at Taco Bell and Wendy's!

Auntie Anna said...

How fun to hear from Hannah!! Happy (late) b-day. I am still taller than you though, I am 5'5". Sweet! Do you think you are still growing?

Suzanne said...

I have a question for Wendy! What is it like to have a teenager in the house now? ;) J.K. Happy Birthday, Hannah! :D

Mary said...

Anna, you are not 5'5" are you? I thought you were maybe only 1/2 an inch taller than me, not a full inch! GRRR

Hannah Banana said...

I do think I'm still growing Anna.
I'm drinking my Milk!

Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday to a very cute gal! I know your 13th year will be so fun... especially in Hawaii of all places! What an awesome experience for you and your family to live there!

I really enjoyed reading your "question and answer" section on this blog entry. It is fun to see what you and your family are up to, and I love the pictures that your Mom posts! Someone is a great photographer! Take Care! Love, Jennifer Rima (your Mum's first cousin!)

Erin said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY HANNAH!!!! You are so cute! It's not fair you skipped the awkward-ugly stage of pre teens. love you!

Aunty Ernie said...

dang i just read through the comments and realized Hannah is taller than me too! But i am sure i weigh more so i got you beat Hannah! LOVE YOU HANNAH!!! it was fun talking to you on your Birthday!! (did you hear that Mary and Heather i remembered her Birthday so we now all know that i am the favorite Aunt!)

Auntie anna said...

Yeah, Mary, I am really 5'5". Hey I thought these questions were all suppose to be for Hannah!!

Mary said...

Anna or Hannah, we're all family!

Hannah said...

Haha Erin!
I think I am at that stage
but I got my dad's face skin, so basically i wont get a lot of zits. hehe.
but my teeth are pretty much horrible!
but it's all good because I'm getting braces in August!

and yes
these questions were supposed to be for ME Mary.

compulsive writer said...

She's darling--Happy Birthday Hannah!

Anonymous said...

Hi Hannah Banana,

You know your grandpa and grandma B. in California loves you very much also.. Happy B. day.. ( we love the other grandkids also! ) Grandpa.B.

Hannah Banana said...

haha! I love you too, Grandma and Grandpa B.!