Friday, June 22, 2007

Happy Birthday

Today is Heather's birthday!

Heather is 3 years older than me, and I've been trying to keep up with her all my life.

Heather always let me tag along with her and her best friend, Heather (how awesome to have a best friend with your same name, don't ya think?) She let me listen in on grown up conversations, and even let me join in on her totally cool sleepovers.

I remember every summer following along behind her bike on our way to swimming lessons at Downey High School. And on the way home we would stop for a treat at 7-11.

When I was a freshmen in high school, Heather was a senior. She drove me to school everyday, and she invited me to join the crosscountry track team with her.

Once, on our way to school from seminary, our car stalled in the middle of the huge El Vista intersection. Scary!

Heather also drove my friends around town, and sometimes even bought us a snack at Taco Bell. How cool was that?

I think Heather and I look the most alike of the McSisters. And a couple times in High School I was mistaken as her or her twin. Fun!

Heather lives far away from me, now, but she's still such a great example to me. I hope you have a Happy Birthday, Heather!


The best thing about Heather's Birthday, is that it is exactly 2 weeks before mine. Just enough time for you to find me the perfect birthday gift...


Deanne said...

Happy birthday Heather!!!

Ooooo....what does Wendy want for her birthday??? Please tell! :)

PJ said...

I love that post. I hope my girls speak as fondly of each other when they are adults.

Happy Birthday Heather! I too am a June Baby.

Mary said...


And Heather's birthday is almost exactly a month before my birthday. Even more shopping time :)

Tori :) said...

Cute post!
Happy Birthday Heather!!

No Cool Story said...

I love reading all the McSisters posts :) You girls rock

Happy Bday Orchard Girl!

Amanda said...

I second NCS in that the McSisters rock! You all seem to have such a great love for each other!

Happy Birthday to Heather!! :D

hmmmmm, what does Wendy want?

Butterfly Wife said...

A birthday in 2 weeks, huh? Hmmmm. If you had your email address posted, someone (me) could send you a card at least. Hint. Hint.

orchard_girl said...

Thank you everyone for your birthday wishes!

Wendy, thanks for the fun post. What do you want for your birthday?
love you! (when was that picture taken?)

wendy said...

Heather - I cropped it out of a picture from Sarahs wedding last summer! Happy Birthday!

Amber said...

Happy birthday to her! How I wish I had a sister..let alone being a McSISTER!!!! :-)

Toni said...

How sweet! Happy birthday Heather!

Anonymous said...

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Suzanne said...

What a fun older sister! I wasn't always a nice older sister and I feel sad about that now. She seems like she was so sweet!

LOL at the "grown up conversations"! Only 2 weeks til your birthday? I need to go buy you a LOST Jack action figure quickly then! ;)

compulsive writer said...

Happy late Birthday to Heather and Ha! May I be early to wish you a Happy Birthday, too?