Thursday, May 03, 2007

I have a feeling

it's either good sleepin' or good bloggin'. Not both.


So you just get a To Do list today, and even my to do list is boring:

Fix hair

Water the lawn



Return movies to the library

Find Wahiawa Post Office

Find out what I signed up to take to Enrichment Meeting tonight

Take a nap

Pick up kids

Homework rodeo

Fix Dinner? Left over lasagna?

Go to church

Watch a Lost episode from a couple weeks ago

What are you up to today?


Deanne said...

Well, I've done my major accomplished for the day already. Which was to book Mae's b-day party and take her to the dentist. The party part was the easy one! Now I can say that I've earned my nap for the day! :)

Millie said...

Dishes. Laundry. Pick up. Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

I do get to sew at RS tonight though, so that will make my heart go pitter-pat.

txmommy said...

watch 3 extra boys
make a million pb&j sandwiches
return something at Kohls
get stuff for J's class party tomorrow
watch Survivor
the usual :)

borrow the analogy with my blessings! bummer that you have to talk on mother's day.

Amber said... day. Went for a run to the park, played, came home, daughter locked us out of the house, she later had diahhrea in her bed, cleaned her up, put her back down, discovered a suspicious brown streak all over the wall, cleaned that, and they are currently FINALLY down for naps.

Whew. I think I'll take your day. Oh, and we'll be watching last night's Lost tonight!!

Amanda said...

Megan and I decided to follow Annie's example and we went to Target today, after we had lunch with Scott. We bought her some new summery clothes including a pair of flip flops.

Now I must do some laundry and warm up leftovers for dinner.

Annie said...

I guess I won't tell you who the father of Sun's baby is or why Locke locked Sawyer in the brig.

Toni said...

Not that much! Took a 3 hour nap! I love having NOTHING to do!

wendy said...

Annie - that's just mean!

Amanda - go ahead rub it in, no target over here.

Amber - ew!

TX mommy - it really is a great idea - i've been thinking about it all day.

Millie - what are you sewing?

Deanne - What's the birthday plan?

wendy said...

Toni - 3 hour nap! Wow!

Mary said...

Wha? Really? No Target? How do you survive over there?

My day is over and I'm just about to settle in to watch last night's LOST episode, wishing I could also watch tonight's Grey's Anatomy, but will have to download it tonight. It's fun living in totally opposite sides of the country!

Today I:
-babysat a friend's daughter
-planted a hosta plant I found discarded in the common tree area behind our house
-cut out the tulip greens that never turned into flowers
-Did 2 loads of laundry (but not folded)
-Had a short nap
-Made salad and took it to enrichment. It looks like we are all on the same enrichment schedule

All done

Jennifer said...

Hi Wendy! It's so fun to check out your blog! You are an amazing gal and accomplish so much! Just the fact that you "make" a "to do" list is impressive. I usually have one in my mind, but writing it down is just one more thing that I need to add to my list! Just kidding! It is very, very helpful to "see" what needs to be done and you have inspired me to make a list for tomorrow! I have just loved reading all the McBride sister blogs! I can't get over how "one the ball" you gals are! Anyway, as I have been slowly but surely been writing to each of you McSisters, I have mentioned that I'm not so great at keeping in touch and leaving comments, but I'll try to be better! Take the best care, Wendy! Love, Jennifer

Amanda said...

annie is mean isn't she!!! ;) I think we should take away her TV watching privileges for a week.

Jennifer B. said...