Friday, March 24, 2006

Time to get Goin' - edited x2 (does editted have 2 t's?)

It is 9:10am. I am sitting here in my work-out clothes, and I need to get moving. I am not a complete slacker - I made my bed this morning, made French Toast for breakfast, emptied the dishwasher, and wiped the counters. Emily and John are dressed but we have not fixed hair or brushed teeth (mine are brushed, if you were wondering) SOOOO - I am going to get off the computer and:

Vacuum the house
Fix Emily's hair
Brush teeth
Move the laundry

before I get back on.
Ok. I can do this

Now it is 11:11am. I did those jobs AND I am showered and dressed AND I made a couple phone calls AND got the price of a half sheet cake from Walmart AND now we have a couple neighbors here and we are just about ready for lunch.

After lunch I will:
move the laundry
take a nap
pay bills
couple more Primary phone calls
pick up Syd
wrap gift for party
Syd to gymnastics
pick up Han
Syd to birthday party
rent a movie
buy pizza

It is 2:54 My neighbor offered to pick up Sydney, so Emily and I are watching Mary Poppins. That was fun to have my to do list up here, and kept me in line. I did laundry, and paid bills, but I didn't get a nap because Emily wanted to paint. But I did a little sewing and pulled out some fabric and patterns - I think I have just enough for a couple Spring dresses for Emily. I really am going to make my last phone call before we head out to gymnastics.

What a great day!


Mary said...

Way to go! That's a good day!

Laurie said...

Hey Wendy! I'm getting caught up on reading your blog. Fabulous posts! I love your writing.


Anonymous said...

would you mind passing this note onto i guess your daughter, hannah?

I'm from
in response to the comment:
"I was wondering what kind of blog program you have?it's probably cutenews"

I post my blogs manually but my commenting system is through

texasblu said...

oh - I'm so jealous! With the twins, I'm lucky to get the shower in! *grin* That is a WONDERFUL day - I'm glad you celebrated it!