Sunday, March 05, 2006

Dry Eyes

I wear contacts so that I can see. I like wearing contacts. They are comfortable, they are cheap, they don't pinch my nose or fog up when I open the dishwasher. But my eyes start to get fuzzy at night and one eye starts to blur, then the other. I think the contacts start to get dry and that is what makes my eyes less reliable. Being out in the wind really dries 'em out fast.

I especially notice how bad my eyesight is when I have to type in that code for leaving comments on other blogs. Was that an m? or an r and an n set too close together? Those squiggly letters blend together and sometimes I have to try a few times before my comment is accepted. aaach, maybe I am just getting old.

Babies like to break glasses, and 8 month olds are particularly hard on frames, so I haven't had a whole pair of glasses since Emily was a baby - nearly 5 years ago! John is two and a half, so maybe it will be safe to have glasses in the house again.

I have worn glasses since about Jr High. I was not a great driver in high school (no accidents, but talk to Mary about an incident near a chain link fence) and I think that was mainly because I didn't like to wear my glasses. I can remember driving at night, out on the highway up from Hood River to Odell, and not being able to read the speed limit signs until just before I passed them. Yikes. I am still a wee bit nervous about driving at night - but I never drive without my contacts in.

I think I am going to have to follow my eye doctor's advice and buy a pair of back up glasses, to wear in the evenings.

Any advice about picking out frames?

how 'bout these?


Mary said...

Hehe, an incident involving a chain-link fence... One of my favorite Wendy memories! I'm sorry your eyesight is a pain. I think you look very cute in glasses though. You should get some funky frames, since they won't be what you wear all the time. Something like cousin Lindy's glasses comes to mind - didn't she have some fun glasses at the reunion? Might as well be stylin'!

Anonymous said...

What is the chain-link fence story? I have never heard it. I have perfect vision, and have been in two accidents, both totalling the car. Hmm, maybe vision has mothing to do with good driving!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, tell us the story! (Please forget about my past driving history, my ins has) We had fun picking out frames for Rick, for some reason he didn't like the rhinstones. I think I need to get my eyes checked, Abby asked why I was frowning, I was just concentrating while trying to read a sign.