Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Being the Mom

I've been doing a lot of thinking about my job as the mom. I am reading a couple of mom books that have really made me think about who I am, and am I the mom I want to be? Then last night I caught the last half of Super Nanny and could see myself (minus all the bad words- yikes!) in that mom.

At one point the mom went outside as the kids were playing, and she sat on the porch to watch. She seemed a little excited about being outside and said to Jo - Wow, I don't usually come outside with the kids, usually my husband takes them to the park , etc. and Jo said - The kids don't want to play with the $2000 worth of outdoor toys, they want to play with you. Who will be the mom if you won't. (So the mom got up and played with the kids.)

I am often "too busy" to play with the kids, or if I do take them to the park, I like to bring a book so I don't get bored. And I feel like I'm doing great as I watch on while they play. But I think Jo might be right - who will be the fun mom, if not me? And when did I stop being the fun mom and turn into the referee?

So, we have almost 2 feet of fresh snow, and it is not too cold or too windy out there, so I am going to bundle up myself and the littles and go play!


texasblu said...

I caught the end of that episode, so I had missed that part. But I've been thinking the same thing lately, but my thoughts came from a paper my daughter brought home from YW the other day - I realized how little she knew me... and we spend EVERY DAY together! It was a real eye opener for me.

Enjoy playing! I saw South Dakota was covered in snow on the news last night and thought of you.. our snow keeps melting away. We have cheery skies for the next two days, and we plan on taking advantage too! :)

Mary said...

You are my hero Wendy! Always trying to improve! I only have one girl and feel like there are days when I just am not the fun mom - hardly joining in the play. Other days are better. Randy, when he's home, does such a good job of being actively involved in play time with Lindsey. She gets so excited!

We got a Deseret Book magazine in the mail yesterday and I think there is a book in it called, "Being the Mom." You are a plagarizer :)

Batya said...

Wonderful, it's something we forget with all of the logistics of the "job."