Thursday, March 16, 2006

On the Potty Train

Wooooo Wooooooo

One week on the Potty Train and John is doing great. He notices that he has to go BEFORE he is wet. He even runs into the bathroom without me. Sometimes I don't even notice that he has used the bathroom until I find a bit of wet in the potty chair.

What a big boy! I have worried and worried about just how to potty train a little boy. But apparently I put it off long enough that he could just do it himself.

Now if we could learn the trick to helping Emily stay dry at night....


Mary said...

Good job John! Potty training really sounds like a lot of work. By the way, those are some really fancy yellow pants he's wearing, woowoo!

Anonymous said...

Hey John! Great Job!
You are the best! Keep up the good