Friday, April 22, 2005

Thinking About Sharing Time

I have Primary Sharing Time in May. I have spent the day thinking about it and trying to decide how I will work in all the topics for the month, along with Mother's Day. I would like to have the kids do something for their mothers, but what?

This weekend is Stake Conference, and I realized this morning that there is nothing on our bulletin board. We are having Primary training tomorrow, and I want our Primary room to look nice. So we headed down to the church and made our bulletin board look kind of like a grove of trees. The theme for May is Jesus Christ Restored His Church in the Latter Days. I will be able to add things to the board as we discuss the restoration of the gospel. It looks nice (if I do say so myself.)

Here is one interesting little fact that I found today: The King James Version of the Bible took 50 scholars 7 years to translate into English, translating at the rate of one page per day. Joseph Smith, on the other hand, translated the Book of Mormon at the rate of 10 pages per day, completing the task in 85 days! I would be happy to just read the book in that amount of time.

Primary is so cool.

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Mary said...

I agree, Primary is so fun! I just love it and Lindsey loves it too - she has fun with the songs and smiling at the kids. Our sharing time today was on the boring side, but it was redeemed by letting the kids draw. I don't do my first one until next month, so I have time to watch and learn. How did yours go today?