Tuesday, April 05, 2005



We have had a variety of flooring in the homes we have lived in. My favorite was the tile and carpeting in Pensacola. The tile was just the color of the sand and it always looked so clean and nice. It was a lot to sweep, but it only needed to be spot-mopped when sticky.

I did not like the wood flooring in Texas. I know it was great because it had lasted so many years, but I hated the feel of the grit on my bare feet. I also never wanted to sit on the ground to play with the kids. I'm sure a few rugs would have solved that problem. It was very easy to clean with the dust mop - just a few minutes to sweep through the whole house, then shake the dust outside. It also only needed water on the mop to clean it.

Now we have carpet and cheapy linoleum. Having carpet is like having extra furniture. We spend a lot of time on the carpet - watching a movie, laying down train tracks, bronco rides, etc. I like carpet. I do not mind the linoleum, but I do not know how to keep it clean and shiny. It gets really grimy and seems to also keep a build-up of dirt/grease even after mopping. I was using Mop and Glow, and that would make it shiny, but it definitely left a film. I don't know what to use - Pinesol? Mr. Clean? just water? Maybe it is my mopping technique that needs work. I just swish around a large string mop - maybe I need to get on my hands and knees and really scrub.

How do you keep your floors clean?


Donna Boucher said...

I sweep.
Hand Katie a wet wash cloth and ask her to clean up the spots for me.

My husband and I clean the carpets ourselves. Not often enough. They need to be done...like...yesterday.

I used to have a cleaning lady and the floors were all washed every week. Top to bottom. Gee that was nice!

Mary said...

I had to laugh when I saw that picture - I instantly thought, "wowee Wendy, you are so fancy!" Then I realized it wasn't you. Too bad, it would be cool to be a mom who cleans while looking that done up! In our house we have carpet and linoleum. I like carpet because it is warm on your feet, but ours is as old as our house (10 years) and there are some yucky spots! The linoleum is a darker color and really hides stuff well :) Before Lindsey, I would scrub floors on my hands and knees. Now I am lucky if I use the sponge mop thing now and then. Oh well!

Anonymous said...

Hey Wendy I see you published the picture I sent you of me mopping. Wow I am good lookin!
WE have wood, carped rug and linoleun. The linoleum is so old it never looks clean, our carpet hides things well. I sweep all the time, but moppping is no fun because then Juddah gets soaked crawling around. But a fresh clean floor feels so goooood.

muse said...

The floors here in Israel are some sort of "stone." Sweeping's not enough; you have to use water and a cleaner. Though when the kids were little, it was nice to get vomit and "accidents" easliy cleaned without ruining the floor.