Saturday, September 20, 2008


Every night while Nathan was gone, I left two lights on. One little light in the kitchen, and one light in the little bathroom.

At bedtime I had this whole routine. I would turn off the lights in the front room and turn on the light in the kitchen. I would turn on all my bedroom lights and then go out and turn off the hallway lights and stair lights. I would make sure the light was on in the little bathroom and that the door was only about an inch open, then I would make my way to bed, turning off lights until my bedside lamp was the only light on (besides the kitchen light and the little bathroom light which I left on all night every night.) Then I would read until I was ready to sleep and I'd switch off the lamp by my bed.

The light from the little bathroom let me feel safe, but wasn't so bright that it interupted my dreams.

With Nathan home now, I don't leave any lights on. I feel safe. Isn't that the best?

Here's the spooky part. The other night I stayed up reading while Nathan went to bed. Everyone was asleep but me. When I was ready to go to bed I turned off all the lights, even the little one in the kitchen and the one in the little bathroom. I remember pausing to ask myself if I needed to leave that light on to light my way to bed, but then I decided I didn't need it and I turned it off and went to bed. That's not the scary part, yet.

In the morning I woke up at 5:24am, as usual, unfortunately, and got up to make a little breakfast for Hannah before seminary. I found my glasses and brushed my teeth and headed out of my room.

And then I noticed something spooky. The light in the little bathroom was on, and the door was open just so.

I know I didn't leave it on. I am 99.5 percent sure I didn't. I asked Hannah if she had come downstairs before I got up and she said no. Later in the morning I asked Sydney, Emily, and John if they had gotten up in the middle of the night and used the little downstairs bathroom. They said no. Nathan said no.

How did the light get turned on?

I'm sure I didn't leave it on.

I think.



Mary said...

Ooooo, spooky! Maybe you thought you didn't turn on the light, but because it is such a habit, you did it without realizing it? Or perhaps you have a very friendly ghost?

Boedee said...

creeepy! Hmmmmm..I have no answers.

Tori :) said...

What the heck?? I'm reading this I lay in bed, while Sei works the nite shift. I'm like you-- when he's here there's no lites on, but when he's not I leave on the entry way lite.

Tucker and Kira said...

Sounds like someone/something is telling you to leave the light on and the door opened just so. I wouldn't argue it!!
By the way, I have a ghost in my attic that walks back and forth, across the ceiling above my room, BUT here somes the spooky part...only when Tucker is gone. When he's home, nothing. I kind of think it's my protector tho, that's what I tell myself.

hannah m said...

I'm on vacation here in HI from CA, and did a search for Manoa Falls, and your blog came up in the search results - then I found myself perusing your HI adventures. Your family is lovely and how wonderful that your husband is home safely from deployment!

Just wanted to say hi :-) - I've made it policy to leave a comment on blogs I like! Enjoy your mangoes (we bought one at the KCC Farmers' market on Saturday and are anxiously awaiting it to ripen!). Aren't they the best?

wendy said...

Hi Hannah M - thanks for stopping by! I hope you enjoy your stay!

Kira - your friendly ghost sounds scary!

Annie said...

I leave lights on when Secret Agent Man is gone, too. I dont' know why it makes me feel better, but it does.

I have an alarm system, too. I am faithful about setting that alarm.

Just checking in! Hugs!

Jrzy Army Wife said...


Amanda said...

I too leave lights on when Scott is not home or is coming home after I go to bed. That is spooky that it was on even though you don't remember turning it on. Hmmmmm.....

Mrs.Field's Cookies said...

I think you probably left it on and thought you turned it off - i do things like this all the time. (its the McBride in us) have you read my email about sleeping without Bridger? well i am pretty sure it will top all stories! love you! have fun with Mary

Mary Peterson said...

That is pretty spooky!

Amanda said...

Wendy??? Where are you? I am going through Tiki Hut withdrawals!!

I hope all is going well and that you are enjoying some much needed (and earned) family time. :)

nikko said...

I'm with Amanda. I was just thinking this morning -- it's been a long time since I had read anything from you!

Hope all is well.

Tori :) said...

Wendy?? Helllooooo!!!??!????