Wednesday, September 10, 2008


With John starting school a month ago, and Nathan back to work, I suddenly find that I have a large chunk of time to myself. And I like it.

I haven't had "my own time" like this since I was a teenager....

Monday I cleaned cleaned cleaned, then I took Hannah to an ortho appointment, then went grocery shopping, and before I had time to put away all the groceries, it was time to pick up the kids.

Tuesday I was lazier and did a little online shopping (I hope my new Landsend overstock swimsuit fits. More importantly, I hope Hannah loves her new swimsuit. fingers crossed.), read the news, whipped up a batch of pizza dough, washed sheets, and read until school was out.

Now it's Wednesday. Wednesday is a short school day. I'm not sure why, or if I like it, but that's the way it is. I stayed at the school this morning and helped in John's class. I heart kindergarten!

And now I have 1.5 hours to get all my jobs done before the afternoon crazies. I need to go to the exchange to buy some envelopes. Then I need to go to the post office where I will use one of those envelopes to send a letter. While I'm at the post office I will send a little package to Kira! Hi Kira! Sorry it's taken me such a long time to send those photos...

After the post office I may buy myself some lunch. Or maybe I'll come home and make myself a BLT. I'm not sure. Then I'll walk back to the school and start an afternoon of fun.

sidenote: Once I saw a book at the library called No One Cares What You Had For Lunch - a book for bloggers. (or something like that) I didn't check out the book. Obviously. Maybe I should have.

Anywho. This isn't supposed to be a To Do List post. This is supposed to be me writing about how I'm not sure if it's okay for me to still be just a stay-at-home-mom now that all my kids are in school full time. I've been thinking maybe I should think about finding a little job. I don't know.

Here's why I don't think it will happen:
I don't really need a job. And, frankly, I work really hard between the hours of
5:30am-8:00am and 2:00pm-8:00pm. That is 8.5 hours of wild work, not including
any time spent on laundry or dishes or
sweeping while everyone is gone. Also, I love volunteering at the school and if
I was working (at say, the school) I wouldn't really have the time to volunteer. And don't forget blogging. Hello!
I have hardly had a chance to sit at the computer all month. If I had a job, my
blog would seriously suffer.

Here's why it could be fun:
I've never really had an actual real job. Maybe working would be a good thing.
And the school is hiring.

I don't want to start the whole working verses stay at home conversation, okay? I stay at home. Whatever. That's fine. When I was younger I felt more religiously zealous about staying home. And I'm glad I've been able to, but I don't think it's the only right or good or perfect way to be a mom. And also I think things are different as babies get older. That said, what would you do?


Valorie said...

Working gives you a sense of fulfillment that you don't always get staying at home. However, a part-time job usualy always turns into full-time (at least that's been my exprience)and brings in a lot of unexpected stress. You are such a great mom (from all that I hear and see on your blog), so don't ever let anyone make you think your time as a SAHM is being wasted!! The answer is different for every family. Say some prayers, talk to the hubby. But if it were me,I would try to wait until the little one is a bit older.

Mary said...

Now you can just change your title to "Homemaker" since a good chunk of the day, you are without kids at home.

I never thought of those hours just before school and the hours just after it as being 8.5 hours of work! Yikes! Busy mama! I had just looked at moms of kids at school and thought they had it so easy :)

I say, don't pressure yourself. If you like to stay home, do it! If you think it might be fun to get a job, do it! You can always quit it if you decide it isn't for you since it isn't a need.

Anyway, this was a fun post to read!

nikko said...

I've always thought it would be fun to work for the schools that way you'd be off when the kids are off.

I don't know what I'll do when all the kids are in school. Maybe I'll just do tons of volunteering. Who knows. I still have 5 years to think about it. ;o)

Butterfly Wife said...

BLT. Yum! Oh, wait, did I just care what you had for lunch? Heh.

As a newly, and purposely, unemployed doggie mommy, I have no idea why any one would work ever. I am enjoying not going to work every day. Of course, I still do plenty of work and have managed to keep myself plenty busy.

Maybe you could just hang and enjoy Hawaii in a way that you might never get to again. I am sure there will always be time for jobs. That's what I'd do if I were in Hawaii. Have fun!

Tucker and Kira said...

FIrst of all, HI WENDY!! I miss you and your adorable family! Don't worry about the pictures, I'm fine! Second, I always love your blog, no matter what you write. And third, what about doing something fun in your "free" time. Take a pottery class or something for yourself. I say work schmirk. If you don't have to, then why do it! Wish I was in your shoes, there are so many things I want to do with my free time when/if I ever have it!

wendy said...

Kira - work schmirk! perfect mantra! I will say that to myself when I see my cool working mom neighbor and I start too feel a little guilty about my laziness...

BW - good point! What was I thinking, who needs to work when the surf is up? It won't be too long before we're landlocked again...

Nikko - Some days I feel like I'm at the school so much I may as well get paid for it.

Hi Mary - I like to list #1 Mom or World's Best Mom on those forms where you list your occupation. #1 homemaker just doesn't sound the same.

Hi Valorie - I do think I'll wait a while. thanks for helping me think about it!

Wheezer said...

OMG! I just had that same internal conversation! It went something like this:

Me: Should I get a job now that Boyboy is back in school, the move is almost done, and I have some extra time on my hands?

Me: No.

Homefront Six said...

I've been having the same debate in my head. I put myself on the sub list for the middle school over here while Little Man is in preschool 3 days per week. I've only worked once and that's ok. The nice thing is that I can decline if there is something I need/want to do that day.

There is nothing wrong with staying home either! And you're right - you work your rear end off during the hours the kids are home, not to mention the other stuff you get done while they are gone.

Marie said...

This post really hits home. My girlfriend just sent her last off to kindergarten and she is having the exact same feelings. I am having those same feelings. Ivan started and while he is only gone for a couple of hours, the things I manage to squeeze in there are amazing! I do find myself sometimes, dare I say it? bored. It's so quiet. I can go anywhere and do anything. No fighting with kids in the store, or buying goldfish because I forgot a snack. I think it is a really personal decision whether to work or not. I have decided not too. Not at this moment. I love being at home. I am volunteering in my kid's classes also, and it is the first time I have ever been able to do it. My personal opinion what's right for you and your family! But know that you are not the only one going through these feelings!

wendy said...

Marie - I'm glad to know I'm not the only one. I'm also glad that you are able to volunteer at the school! Isn't that fun?

Homefront 6 - subbing is a great idea. Though I'm not sure if middle school would be my first choice...

txmommy said...

first, I care what you ate for lunch :)

Second, same situtation here. Lu is only 3 but she does have a preschool/co op thing we do where she is gone two days a week and I am home, one day a week I have all the kiddos here.

ANyway, I am signing up to sub and I hope to do it a couple times a week but I am worried that it will cut into my leisure time a little too much, and I just barely have leisure time for the first time in 21 years and I am not sure I want to lose it.

Amanda said...

I've had similar thoughts myself. Megan started preschool this year and will be in kindergarten next year. We are thinking of sending me back to school to get my pharmacy tech license more of just a back up/just in case thing. I don't mind working when the kids are in school, but what about in the summer. That is when working for a school would be really handy.

For now I am just trying to enjoy the time I have to myself and using it to catch up on things I've been putting off until "later". I also have been enjoying the time to spend figuring out what I am doing with my new calling. That seems to be almost a full time job by itself.

Jenny S said...

As I read this post I am having flashes of my current life. As I just had to let go of being room mother. Because I now work at the school Which I just love doing. I still find my self adjusting to the new routine. I do like that I am there while the children are in school. Then we all go home together. It does limit how you can volunteer.