Sunday, October 02, 2005

Sunday Afternoon

Nelson - Christ is the Master Healer. Our prayers are not ignored. Repent and be converted so that He can heal us. Deepen your faith, work hard, serve others and then your heart will be healed.

? - The world is preparing for 2nd Coming of Christ. Scriptures available to all people, and literacy among all was the beginning of the restoration of the gospel.

? - Scriptures are a history of sacrifice: Alma and Amulek, Christ, Pioneers. Today we are not asked to give up our lives, but to make small sacrifices daily. Small sacrifices bring blessings. Korea celebration. Do not be afraid of sacrifice. Sacrifice brings blessings, and you may find in the end that it was no sacrifice at all.

Paul Calicer? - Making and keeping covenants brings us to the presence of the Lord.

Snow - Liahona lead Lehi's family through the wilderness to the promised land. The teachings of today's conference are directions of the Lord. Do not be slouthful because of the easiness of the way (Alma to Heleman in Alma 37:46)

? - Feed my sheep. Nurture each one to bring to Christ. People not programs. Love one another.

Deiter Ukdorf? - Focus on the basic principles of the gospel. Center of your testimony should not be located in the social aspects of the church. Our safety lives in the virtue of our lives (Hinckely) The light of Christ, not the organizations of the gospel bring others to the church. People are asked to remain in their homelands and build the church there.

President Hinckley - Moroni told Joseph Smith that his name would be had for good and evil among all people.(JS history 1:33) Dec. 23, 2005 200th anniversary of Joseph Smith, Jr's birth. Large celebration.


texasblu said...

I love your conference notes. I just recored the whole thing to watch later at night after I put the kids to bed - not that I didn't watch it then, but it was too hard to take notes while the boys were running around trying to beat each other up.

So much for reverance. lol.

Mary said...

Wendy, I really liked your conference notes too. We watched the Saturday morning session (at noon here) at a friend's house, but listened to the rest at home on the computer. It is a little hard to pay close attention with a sweet little thing toddling around, demanding attention. I can't imagine how distracting having 4 sweet little things to distract you, and yet you still took notes, way to go!

JoyceMcB said...

Wendy, I have appreciated your notes also. The notes I made were like "Read Bro. Bateman's talk for scripture references. . ." and so on. I wasn't distracted, I was knitting. At least I didn't go to sleep as I have in the past. Mom

JoycemcB said...

Wendy, My last note sounded like I didn't enjoy conference - but I really did. As always I learned so much - it is just that sometimes I have trouble with going to go to sleep when I watch TV - it seems to be a bad habit of mine. Mom

Mary said...

Mom, some of my best naps have been during conference - I don't think you are alone there.