Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Even Better Than an Apple for Your Teacher

Sydney won $100 for her teacher! Remember when we went to the fair this summer? Along with entering projects in the fair there was another contest for school aged children. All you had to do was write your grade and the name of your school on the ticket with each entry, and you would be entered in a drawing for $100 for your teacher. This contest was kind of obscure, and the information about it was in a little square on a page with lots of other items, easily overlooked. Too bad we're not homeschooling this year.

As we were entering the kids projects and asking if we were doing it right, none of the workers seemed to know what I was talking about when I asked about the school contest. But we entered anyway. When the fair was over and we picked up our loot, we didn't hear anything about the $$$ so we just figured we didn't win and forgot all about it.

Yesterday, Sydney's teacher called her over to her desk and told her that she won $100, all thanks to Sydney! I talked to Mrs. H. later, and she said that she received a letter from the fair, and nearly threw it away, thinking it was just advertisement. When she opened the letter she was very surprised to find the check. She told Sydney that she was going to head to Hobby Lobby after school and buy some fun supplies for the class.


texasblu said...

That's so cool! I wish they'd let you know who won those things so you won't wonder forever... but I guess that would be too much work.


Mary said...

Good job Sydney! That is a great prize for your whole class!

muse said...

fantastic, even better than the "traditional apple."

Anonymous said...

WooHoo Sydney, you are so lucky! W

JoyceMcB said...

Way to go Sydney! I bet you are your teacher's favorite now! Grammy