Saturday, October 01, 2005

Saturday Afternoon Session

I didn't catch all the names of the speakers, so I just guessed

Opening song - Awake and Arise - I thought that was a great choice - no more napping.

Dallen H. Oaks - Priesthood Authority in Family and Church. Some misunderstanding about use of Priesthood - abusive fathers, women taking over husbands callings (Nathan gave me a little kick, okay, no more scout suggestions from me) Priesthood is the Power of God used to bless all of his children.

Jeffery R Holland - speaking to teenage girls. great talk. Make teenage years a triumph rather than a tragedy. Stay true to standards not fads or fashion. Modesty in appearance is always in style. no midrift. Teens need limits as well as love. Sabbath worship should be in Sunday best in dress and shoes - should not appear to be heading to the beach (does that mean no more flip flops?) Accept who you are. Adult women are an example to YW.

Ben ReJola? - Come unto Christ. Happiness is the purpose of the gospel. quote from BofM Lived after the manner of happiness.

C Scott? - Mexico. Remnant of House of Israel. Arise and shine forth. Sign of gathering.

? of the 70 - Enos. Go and serve. Labor diligently.

Henry B. Eyring - How can I be prepared? Gain an unshakeable testimony of Christ by being quick to obey and steady in faith.
1 - Feast upon the words of Christ - words of Christ will tell you all things what ye should do
2 - Pray always - asking what he would have me do
3 - tithing - decide now to control spending, do not procrastinate. Protection in the last day
4 - Sin - the best time to resist is early, the best time to repent is now.

Bower? - Hold fast to the Proclamation on the Family - like a banner. Family is the basic unit of society and church. Be the best parents you can. respect your children - devote time to strengthen family - nothing more important. No happiness without service. No service greater than family. How to strengthen:
1 - consistant in daily prayer and weekly Family Home Evening
2 - teach gospel and basic family values - love of scriptures. do not get involved in so many outside activities that there is no time left for family. Focus on on subject or value and find ways to teach it.
3 - strong family identity - through traditions, rules, chores, responsibility.
Parents must do all they can to fortify family. extended family can help. What matters most is what lasts the longest, and family lasts through the eternities.

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