Monday, December 06, 2004

Feels good to feel good

We were sick, sick, sick this weekend. Saturday night was a blur of calls for help, vomit, and icky diapers. Sunday was spent on the couch or in bed. After a good nights sleep, we are all feeling in tip-top shape this beautiful Monday morning. Last night we Lysol-ed down the doorknobs, banisters, lightswitches, toilets, and anything else we could wipe. We also sent the toothbrushes threw a cycle of the dishwasher. Feels good to feel good.

I have been washing sheets all morning (I could not touch them yesterday) and hanging them up to dry. The first blanket I hung out was a little crisp when I hung the second batch out. I checked the weather to see the temperature - 22 degrees F. Hmm. I wonder if the sheets will dry or just freeze? It should warm up into the upper 30's so they will eventually defrost. Also, I almost broke my neck or tailbone while going down the stairs with a wet blanket in my arms. The steps were very icy and slick. I managed to catch myself, but then I slipped again on the way back up. Dangerous.


I am getting Christmas cards together to send out and I have to decide if I am going to enclose a picture of just the kids, a picture of the whole fam at Mt Rushmore, or if we should go all out and have Hannah publish a special holiday edition of the BFN. Must decide today.


List of things I want to get done before Nathan gets home (could be as early as next week - yipee!)

*= I did it!

*Clean out various closets and drawers
Mail out Christmas cards and packages
Gingerbread house
*Hang greenery
Finish up Christmas shopping
Park the van back in our driveway
Paint my bedroom (lets be honest, this is not happening)
Touch up paint around the stairs
Clean the nasty dining room carpet
*Plan sharing times for the rest of the month
Plan Hannah's class Christmas party
Activity Day girl ice cream party
*RSVP piano recital date and time
*Visiting Teaching (I am officially the world's worst VTer. Stink. Must actually go in December.)(* Look at me - I did my Visiting Teaching and it only Dec. 12th - woohooo)
-Put away trampoline for the winter (*no winter here, may as well keep the tramp out)

What am I doing here? I have work to do.

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muse said...

I'm glad you're feeling ok. Those are nasty. Make a realistic priority list and schedule. You don't want to collapse when your husband returns.