Friday, December 10, 2004

5th Grade Band

Today was the big Holiday Program at school. The sound of 20 kids with wind instruments is unforgettable. The tune of Hot Cross Buns was recognizable, if a little slooooooow. The conductor looked strangely familiar, like Mr. Richichi, maybe that look is a job requirement. They looked so proud when they bowed. To be 10. Anything is possible at 10. Hurray for school music programs!


Laurie said...

Ah, the memories!

Anonymous said...

That totally reminds me of playing in the Sonoma School orchestra with Ms. Beckstrom and Mr. Gotschalk (sp?). It seems like every year we played "Have a Holly Jolly Christmas." wahaha!

How fun for Hannah!
love ya, Mary

Anna said...

I remember at my first school recital we had memorize the pieces, hot cross buns being one of them. I of course hadn't practiced, so I had to play "air cello." I recall looking at the faces of the parents in the front row and thinking "they know I am faking, craaap!"

wendy said...

Anna, I laughed so hard about the "air cello" that I started crying. You crack me up. Mary - I was trying to remember Mr. Gottschalks name. I think I remember playing Good King Wenchelslaus (sp?) Brilliant!