Monday, December 13, 2004

Christmas PJ's

In true McBride form, it is now the time to make your Christmas Eve pajamas. One year mom made all 7 of us girls matching red and blue striped nightgowns with matching stocking caps. I stole a couple from mom a few years ago, and just this weekend Hannah wore one as "Papa" in a production of T'was the Night Before Christmas. (Very funny - I will have to post pictures.)

I have the flannel (rather nice $2 a yard walmart plaid) for this years pj's and I need to decide if I will make nightgowns or pajama pants for the girls. Emily will only wear nightgowns, but I think Hannah would prefer pants, and Sydney will want whatever Hannah has. I love nightgowns, I think they are so cute on the girls, but pants are faster. John, of course, will get pants. How fun. I think I will go wash the flannel now.


Anonymous said...

I love Christmas P.J.s, especially those striped ones. The pictures are classic! Was that our last Christmas in California? I want to make pajamas for our family, but this year, they are coming from Old Navy, hehe.


JoyceMcB said...

It is so fun to read your remininces (boy - how do you spell that word??? or is it even a word???) about the things we did when you were growing up. I have 2 of the blue and red stripe gowns here. Remember the time you guys did the Night Before Christmas in Modesto? It was hilarious! Who was Santa? Laurie was the stage manager. Send pictures of Hannah!!! Love ya, mom

wendy said...

I believe I was Santa. I just remember being yanked up the cardboard chimney.