Saturday, October 09, 2010

on why a blog is cool

It has been about 8 months since I last updated my poor blog. I'm going to blame it on the move and the home improvement show happening in our house. Moving makes me a little depressed. House projects are dangerous.

I SHOULD blog about the amazing fall weather in Rapid City

I SHOULD change my blog name back to Rapid Life - did we really live in Hawaii for 3 whole years? Waimea Bay? are you just a dream?

I SHOULD post photos of all the cool stuff Nathan has done to our 1970's dream house. Emily say's Nathan needs his own tv show. She's right, he is totally amazing.

I SHOULD sign up for a facebook account since I promised Kelley I would...for christmas...

sorry Kelley...

I AM going to write about how my blog saved my bacon. (or rump roast?)

I need to make stew for tomorrow. It is very important that I have a huge pot of stew ready by 8 o'clock tomorrow morning.

I started searching for a good stew recipe, but I couldn't find exactly want I needed. I wanted Sister Chang's Beef Stew recipe.

Sister Chang is an amazing cook. And when the Wahiawa YW needed stew for anything, we asked Sister Chang. She could whip up the best beef stew you ever had. You cannot beat Sister Chang's beef stew, eaten in a parking lot in downtown Honolulu, after walking around the City Lights at Christmas. Ono!

I googled beef stew, best beef stew, tomato beef stew, hawaiian beef stew, pioneer woman beef stew.... you get the picture.

I printed off a couple of recipes, but I none of them were quite what I wanted.

Then I remembered that one time I actually made Sister Chang's beef stew. She gave me the recipe after Sacrament Meeting one week so I could make stew for something with the young women.

I ran upstairs and searched through my pile of recipe cards and scrap papers. No beef stew recipe.

Then I started jotting down notes from memory - tomato sauce, cabbage, oyster sauce, etc. But I'm not the kind of cook who can just throw stuff together and have it turn into a hearty stew.

THEN I thought I should maybe search my blog.

And I did.

and I found it!

Thank you Sister Chang! Your stew is going to be perfect. I hope... I wonder if you can get oyster sauce in Rapid City, SD?

That's why a blog is cool. You can find stuff you forgot you had.

but only if you write about it in the first place....

Goal number 1. Just write. nothing fancy.

see you soon!


tootie said...

Glad you are doing ok!! It's good to see a post from you! :)

Mom said...

Wendy, I always click on Rapidlife blog spot and then click on your sisters blogs. Lately only Mary has been blogging at all so I was heading right to hers. I almost skipped right over your new blog because I didn't expect to see something new. So glad you blogged! So glad you found your good recipe! Sounds delish!

Mary said...

Glad to know my blog second choice mom :) haha!

Hey Wendy! I've missed you sista!

Deanne said...

I can't explain my excitement when my blog reader showed me a new post!!! Pure glee! :)

I can't wait to see pics and hear about the projects that Nathan has done. I would totally support him if (when!?) he ever get an HGTV show! ;)

So glad that your blog has your back. Hope your recipe turns out!

Mrs.Field's Cookies said...

I think Nate should have a show on tv too! They just had a reality show on DIY called the next american handyman or something along those lines and Nate totally could have become the next reality star ;)

Anonymous said...

Wendy, I am glad to see you are blogging again. It is sunday, and it has already been two days since you blogged last. Better get on it!!Just kidding. Sounds likeyou are doing good. Love Anna

Mom said...

Mary, it has to do with knowing the address - or having the address in my down arrow thingy not that you are second best! I love all you girls - but you know that. It's fun to see the comment from Deanne too.