Monday, June 30, 2008


My friend Adriane is competing this week in the Olympic Trials!

Adriane is one of my school friends. Her son is in 1st grade, just like my Emily, so we see each other at the drop off/pick up times. When I met her last year she was boxing, this year she's jumping.

Adriane is a striking woman. She is tall and beautiful, with great hair. She has 3 cute kids and she's an Army wife who lives here on Schofield Barracks. And she's totally nice. Adriane knows every one's name, and she's always fun to talk to. All year she's been working her way toward the Olympics, and this week she's in Eugene, Oregon competing in the Olympic Trials in the high jump.

The base paper printed a story about her last week. Isn't she cool! Here's another great article about Adriane.

She was also quoted in KATU channel 2 news in Portland, Oregon:

Fellow high jumper Adriane Stone said she doesn't worry about the other athletes in the field.

"I have no pressure, because my competition is not the women," she said. "My competition is the bar. I don't run up and jump over an Amy Acuff or a Tish Waller, who are phenomenal jumpers. I run up and I jump over a bar. I come in expecting just to have a great time, to jump hard, and if I PR, if I make it, icing on the cake."

Monday was the qualifying, and according to the schedule, the 4th is the final jump. The top 3 high jumpers will go on to Beijing.

At the Olympic website I found the results of today's jump:
High Jump: Qualifying (14 advance) - Group 1: 1. Amber Kaufman, Sharon Day, Adriane Stone, Destinee Hooker, Elizabeth Patterson, Amy Acuff and Deirdre Mullen 1.82m, 8. Raevan Harris 1.79; Group 2: 1. Chaunte Howard, Ifoma Olausson and Gwen Wentland 1.82, 4.,Shanay Briscoe, Sheena Gordon and Rebecca Christensen 1.79

Look! Did you see Adriane's name? She made it to the finals!

Go Adriane!


trying said...

hope she makes the team! what an accomplishment just making it to the finals is. wow.

nikko said...

What an awesome story!

orchard_girl said...

Wow, that is so neat. I hope she makes it. Makes me want to go to Eugene to watch. I've actually been reading the sports section in the Oregonioan, following the Olympic Trials.

Deanne said...

That would be so neat if she made it to Beijing.....neat for her AND for you! It'd be cool to actually know and be able to personally root for an athlete!

Amanda said...

What an awesome and inspiring story! Thanks for sharing Wendy! I will be rooting for her and hoping to see her in the Olympics! How cool!!! :)

Tori :) said...

How cool is that??!?!

Suzanne said...

That is so exciting! I can't wait to see the Olympics in a few weeks. Maybe Adriane will be there! :)

tootie said...

How exciting! It's so neat to know that a fellow military spouse is accomplishing such great things!

Deanne said...

I forgot to mention...Ryan's brother will be playing the drums in the opening ceremonies! I'm so excited for him (Ryan's brother). It's an opportunity of a lifetime!!!

(army)Wife said...

That's awesome!!