Sunday, June 08, 2008

Happy Birthday!

14 years old!

We started off Hannah's day with our traditional paper-taped-across-the-door thing. Nathan called just as Emily and I were taping up the last corner. So we put him on speaker phone and we all sang Happy Birthday as Hannah busted through the paper.

After breakfast we headed to Old Navy to let Hannah pick out an outfit. I generally have an outfit for the birthday kid to open at breakfast, but this year I decided it would be more fun if she was able to pick it out herself.

She hasn't had a "friend" party in a couple of years, so this year she invited a few friends to see Kung Fu Panda (on opening night.)

They were a cute group of girls. It's just too bad I somehow managed to ruin all my pictures of the evening (and of her promotion the day before.) (let's pretend that first photo is all artsy on purpose) The settings must be off on my camera. And I'm not sure why...must go ask Scott Kelby....

Happy Birthday Hannah!

I hope you had a fun day!

You are the best!


Donna Boucher said...

Happy birthday Hannah!

And I love these pictures!!!

I was wondering what 'Action' you used on them :o)

Looks like your film speed (ISO is turned up) in the first shot. That usually accounts for grain.

Mary said...

Happy Birthday Hannah B! I love seeing you grow up, you are so cool! But I'll admit, a part of me thinks you should still be a 2 year old with a braid in her hair, astounding us with how well you speak. Sigh. :)

Fun birthday!

Tori :) said...


I love the busting thru the paper idea!

Reasa said...

Happy Birthday Hannah!!

JMcB said...

Happy Happy Birthday Hannah!
It sounds like she had a fun day. I'm sorry we missed calling - will call tonight.

txmommy said...

Happy Birthday Hannah!!

Amanda said...

I really like your "artsy" picture of Hannah! I was wondering how you did that.

Happy Birthday Hannah! Hope it was a great one! :D said...

yay!! and i love the picture of all their heads together. sa-weet.

blessings, kathleen

No Cool Story said...

Happy Birthday Hannah!!
Such a gorgeous girl. Add excellent pictures Wendy!