Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Now You See it, Now you Don't

We had a wild morning of school supply shopping, and we came home hungry and tired, ready for a late lunch and a rest. John and Emily gobbled up their sandwiches and pears, then started to play while I finished up my lunch.

I could hear Emily telling John "Now you see it, now you don't!" while hiding a bouncy ball behind her back. John was really impressed with Emily's magician skills, and didn't want to be left out of the fun, so he tried a trick of his own. It didn't work so well...

Next thing I knew John was crying and running toward me. He had his finger way up his nose, and his nose was really bleeding. John said he had put a bead up there!

This is when Nathan walked in the door from work. (Sorry Nathan) He took over and tried to get John to blow the bead out, but it didn't budge. So Nathan put John in the bathtub, hoping a bath would soften things up and help John relax. It did help John's nose stop bleeding, but it did not produce a bead.

At this point I am getting a little freaked out. It was about 3:30pm so my heathcare options were really limited. Getting an appointment at the base after 7am is impossible, so at 3:30pm my only option would be a trip to the ER. I hate going to the emergency room when I KNOW it is not really an emergency.

So I called a friend of mine who is a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner. I was really calling for advice - was it worth a trip to the ER, or would it be okay to wait until tomorrow...

She was so great! She said I could wait, but something up his nose could cause a yucky infection, so it was a good idea to get it out tonight. She was still at work, and she invited us to head over to her office. We went right in, and they were waiting for us.

John was a real trooper. He just laid back on the bed and let those ladies poke and pry at his little nose until they pulled out the bloody little bead. He was so brave and I was getting all choked up and a little weak. I am not good in an emergency. One of his little eyes teared up. Poor little man.

But they got the bead! Thanks Theresa! And John got to pick out a car and a sticker and a juice box. All better.


mary said...

One of his eyes teared up. How sweet! I'm glad they were able to get the magically disappearing bead out!

p.s. How do I make it so I can use a blogger identity on comments here?

wendy said...

When I am logged into blogger, then my blogger identity appears in the comment area. I think that's all it takes!